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Things to Know About Hiring a Planning Consultant

As long as you own an enterprise, it is essential to comply with the laws and rules of the region you are in. Complying with regulations helps you avoid issues with law enforcers. If you wish to understand the value of employing a planning consultant, then learn about planning permission and its value. Any experienced business owner knows it is crucial to obtain a legal permit before starting a project such as construction. Getting approval from your local governing bodies will depend on various determinants of the construction project.

Employing a planning officer guarantees you will save time and get value for your money. A professional will also come in handy if you wish to avoid inconveniences and have your project run smoothly. Consultants have the knowledge and skills necessary to help businesses with planning projects and following the legal process while at it.

Here is a list of things to expect when you have a planning officer by your side:

Help with the Process

It is crucial to have a professional help analyse and determine whether your ideas are valuable and worth executing. Hiring a planning officer should come in handy when going through the planning phase of your construction project. The consultant will assist you in gaining the necessary legal documents to avoid any demolition by authorities.

Your planning officer will help you recognize the importance of getting planning permission and give you the best guide to getting one. Running a construction task without legal permits will lead to losses, especially if you are located within a conservative area. Therefore, it is crucial to sort this part from the beginning of your project and a planning consultant is the best person for the job.

Create Realistic Assessments

When you have a planning consultant on your team, expect them to ask the questions that your staff may avoid. The consultant examines every detail and is not scared to highlight matters that are potential inconveniences for your project to run smoothly. A professional will always provide an honest assessment regardless of the subject’s sensitivity. Also, considering that a planning officer is not part of your in-house staff and will provide input and guidance without favouritism.

Examine and Aid Strategize

Every plan has its flaws and strengths. A planning consultant will examine and give useful advice based on the project’s flaws and strengths. At this point, you will realize how hiring a planning officer is worth every penny. Some building projects aren’t successful because they lack professional criticism. Having a planning officer on your team eliminates this flaw.

Now that you understand what a planning officer offers, here are reasons you need planning permissions before starting your construction task:

Avoid Loss

No business person wants losses, especially if they are very costly. If you wish to avoid losing money on your construction or building restoration project, then planning permission is necessary. Without this legal permit, expect to have your project stopped, or worse, your building demolished. Nonetheless, with a professional planning consultant on your team, you have nothing to fear.

Save Money and Time

Various businesses look for the best ways to save money when running projects. However, some of them make the mistake of not hiring professionals who are useful to the project. For instance, without a planning officer, you are likely to ignore the importance of getting planning permission and have your project face challenges. Having a planning officer on your side also means that you will significantly lessen the time you take on planning and executing a project to completion. Hiring such professionals means that you get value for your money and save time.

It Is a Legal Requirement

As a business person, you need to understand the importance of following legal processes. The relevant governing bodies look for minor mistakes to destroy large corporations or bend them to their will. You will find this affecting your business functions and in the long run delivery and performance.

If your business is located close to neighbouring properties, be mindful of them and ensure your building project does not cause damage. Some neighbours will get irritated about construction projects. This should give you a reason to seek planning permission from the authorities.

How to Find a Reliable Planning Consultant

Finding a reputable planning officer is fast thanks to the internet. However, be vigilant before settling for any contractor. Some online service providers are potential scammers who prey on unknowing users. Ask for client reviews and working permits to determine if the consultant you wish to hire is worth your time and money.


The information in this article expounds on the importance of having a planning officer on your team when your company has a construction project. Only take up the role of a planning consultant if you have the skills and experience. Hiring a professional will help you get planning permissions and have your project running as you expect.


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