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Different Types of Starter Chicken Feed Everyone Needs to Know About

When you are involved in the poultry business, you have to ensure you are feeding not only the right amount of food that contains all the vital nutrients but you also have to make sure you are feeding your chickens only the best quality of Starter Chicken Feed. This will not only help your chickens to have healthy growth and gain the right weight but also ensure every chicken in your poultry farm meets the commercial criteria present so that you get the right price for your chickens.

In this article, we will be talking about the two types of Starter Chicken Feed available currently in the commercial market and how you should invest only in the best quality chicken food for your chicks.

What is Starter Chicken Feed?

This chicken feed is formulated for baby chicks so that their dietary requirements are fulfilled and taken care of. You can feed your chicks any Starter Chicken Feed for up to 20 weeks depending on their habits and requirements. Although for the first ten weeks, chicks do just fine if good quality Starter Chicken Feed and water are provided in the right amounts.

If you feel your chicks have achieved the standard growth rate, then you might want to stop feeding them starter feed since they contain the highest content of protein that chickens will ever consume. Excessive intake of proteins in chicks could cause liver damage so the key is to provide food just in the right quantity.

Different types of Starter Chicken Feed

Medicated Starter Chicken Feed is a chicken feed that contains an organic compound called amprolium which protects chicks against the fatal intestinal disease called coccidiosis which spreads inside any poultry farm through fecal matter. If you are purchasing unvaccinated commercial chicks then make sure to feed your chicks only medicated Starter Chicken Feed ration packs. This will ensure they are not victims of the fatal bird disease.

Non-Medicated Starter Chicken Feeds are for vaccinated chicks that have the coccidiosis vaccine before any poultry farmer has purchased them. In case your chicks are vaccinated, you have to strictly ensure that they are not being fed the medicated started feed for chickens otherwise the vaccine will lose its effects and become useless. In addition to that, the chicks will fall prey to the deadly disease and you might end up with a poultry farm full of dead chicks.

To prevent that, you have to question the seller about the different types of vaccines given to the chicks and whether the coccidiosis vaccine was present in the list of given vaccines.

If you own a poultry farm of vaccinated chicks, then you can check Grubbly Farm because they offer the best quality natural crumbles as Starter Chicken Feed which is non-medicated and contains 19% protein. They offer chicken food packs that have been formulated with poultry nutritionists to provide a well-balanced meal with grubs and plants, every time you feed your chicks.


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