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Mesmerizing Garden Paving with Porcelain Patio Tiles

Sprucing up your garden can do wonders to your home. It can help extend to the indoors to the outdoor and also give your garden a spanking new appearance. While there are many different types of pavers you can use in the garden, porcelain patio tiles provide the ideal base for the outside. These tiles look great and also are quite easy to maintain. Above all, porcelain patio tiles have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Why Opt for Porcelain Patio Tiles?

You may be wondering why should you opt for porcelain patio tiles for garden paving when you can choose stone, concrete or even wood. Well, there are many reasons to go with porcelain tiles rather than any other materials.

Porcelain tiles have low porosity and hence, it does not absorb moisture and create the perfect environment for moss, lichen and algae to thrive. Even if they do get a foothold, you needn’t worry as it is easy to remove them from the tiles. Hence, you can keep the appearance of porcelain patio tiles intact. Furthermore, the low porosity also minimizes the chances of staining and stains are easy to remove without using too much elbow grease.

Porcelain is also resistant to insect and rot and hence, the tiles are long-lasting. You need not worry about the color of the tiles fading, as porcelain is UV-resistant. If you live in a climate where frost is normal during winter months, porcelain will not split or splinter in the cold due to contraction. As a result, you never have to worry about fixing or replacing cracked and broken tiles after extreme cold or hot season.

How to Use Porcelain Patio Tiles in the Garden

Porcelain tiles come in a wide range of shapes, colors and styles. You can opt for a type that suits the overall look and feel of your home and enhances the external façade of your home and also gives your garden a more organized and welcoming appearance.

Mix and Match: There is always symmetry in chaos. Rather than going for porcelain tiles of the same color, opt for mixing matching colors to create a unique look and feel. It will make your garden look more vibrant and alive.

Create a Walking Trail: If you have a large garden, you can create a stylish path to guide you and your guests around the garden. Make a path that allows you to discover the garden and its hidden treasures. You can line the outer edges of the pathway with small cobblestones that are in complementary color to create a fascinating path.

Let Your Green Thumb Show: Instead of filling grout between the porcelain patio tiles in the garden, you can infuse a little nature into the paved area. After laying the tiles in a grid pattern, fill the existing gaps with plants that are low maintenance. You can opt for miniature grass. This is a great idea for areas in the garden that are prone to water runoff. The ground will soak up water runoff in those areas and keep the place dry.

Make a Pattern: With porcelain patio tiles, you can create amazing patterns to suit your taste and personality. If you are looking for a formal look, opt for square tiles and simple lay them in a straight line. This is the ideal tile design for pathways in the garden. However, there are other patterns that you can choose, like zig-zag or stretcher bond. Go with a pattern that you like and these tiles will fit into it seamlessly.

The Final Words

Porcelain patio tiles can had color and texture to your garden and help you bring a unique persona to your garden. You can use these tiles to make your outdoor space not only beautiful, but also functional. The tiles can correct uneven areas and hazardous slopes to make it safe for you and others to walk around the garden without worries.

These tiles work to create inviting pathways around your garden and also help you add more definition to pre-determined areas in the garden. You can use these tiles in patio, garden area and even around the pool and create an aesthetic look and feel without a lot of effort or expense.


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