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8 Sunroom Extension Ideas No One Shared With You

A house interior and its decor speak a lot about your aesthetic sense. The rightly styled home holds the attention of the on-looker with a single look. The time you spend within your safe haven is much more soothing and comfortable if it is designed keeping in view the outdoor sceneries.

Sunroom or sun parlor has become a quite popular choice among homeowners. One obvious reason is that it reconnects a person to mother nature. Research proves that all the natural hues of green have immense relaxing effects on neurons and muscles. So it could be well understood why sunrooms are great for you and your home.

If you don’t have a sunroom extension, yet, hire professional remodeling service in Redmond WA. It is not necessary to build a separate room. An existing room could be remodeled to a sunlit, warm, and cozy sunroom.

Here are 8 unique sunroom extension ideas that could boost up the aesthetic value of your home.

1.  An All-White Room With Lots Of Windows

White is the color choice that reflects back all the sunlight. Painting a whole room with white gives it the appearance of a wider and cleaner space. You may use a room with lots of large windows installed. A whole white look with white curtains and furniture looks elegant.

2. A Frameless Corner Room With Sliding Doors

A corner room is a perfect place for a sunroom. A stylish and minimalistic idea to convert a small corner room into a sunroom is to install frameless glass panels. Sliding doors give it a sleek look. You can read your favorite book with a cup of coffee enjoying the outdoor weathers.

3. Screened Porch

A porch is a nice place to be converted into a solarium. Install glass screens with elegant wood frames. Install skylights in the roof. Design with natural hues of brown and get to enjoy the cozy outdoors without being actually outdoors.

4. Indoor Pools Within The Sunroom

A sunroom is a perfect place to build an indoor swimming pool. Get to enjoy a beach like an experience within your home.

5. Customize Solarium For Spa-Like Experience

A professional remodeling service could change the solarium (a sunroom with a complete glass roof) into a spa. Customize it just according to your budget. A Jacuzzi would be a nice addition to experience a hot water bath.

6. A Single Glass Wall

An affordable way to enjoy the pleasures of outside scenic views is to design a room with a single glass wall.

7. Design A Conservatory

A lot of light loving plants could be grown in the sunroom. Choose the healthy herbs and fruits for your conservatory, which you have been longing to plant on your own.

8. Sunlit Dining Room

Hire a professional kitchen remodeling service to extend your kitchen’s dining room to the solarium. With slight modification, an existing kitchen could be remodeled into a sun-bathed dining room for a more natural experience.


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