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Top Tile Design tips to make your House look new!

Play with geometric tiles to create a new look of your house

Imagine a lifeless room with some contemporary interiors and neutral shades on the walls? To give life to such a room and making it vivacious is surely a challenging job. You need to explore many ideas to do it. One such way is adding the room with unique modern furniture and by using alluring geometric tiles on the walls and floor of the room. Tiles were only used in kitchens and washrooms but now their use in the other rooms is a new practice. Geometrical tiles are the best way to make any room look the way you want to. Moreover, there are thousands of colors and patterns to choose from, you just need to consider the look you want for your room. Be it bright colors or a combination of black and white, these tiles can do the transformation of your room. With these alluring tiles in different colors and textures let’s try to pick the best suitable tile patters from this diversified range of geometric tiles:

1. If you want an Attractive and Vibrant Kitchen


Design: Breathe Architecture

Having tiles in your kitchen is not a new practice, but having vibrant and colorful geometrical tiles in your kitchen to make it look snazzy and new, is definitely the new hot thing. You can use diversified range of colorful geometrical tiles not only on the floors but also on the walls of your kitchen. There is also a huge range of 3D ceramic geometric tiles that you can use to create a vibrant backsplash of your kitchen. These tiles can shape your kitchen in your way.
Moreover, you can also give a more extensive fashionable look to your Fashionable kitchen by adding geometric times on the floor. The wall as well as the floor in the best combination of tiles looks electrifying. This can be done in vintage and industrial kitchens. Even a contemporary kitchen can be transformed to a vibrant and modern one with this experiment. You can select the suitable patterns and colors according to the color of the walls. With such a small change the complete look of the kitchen can be changed.

2. Transforming Contemporary Bathrooms


Source: Metro Tiles Geebung

Your old-fashioned and dull places can be the transformed to the most attractive place of your house, with the alluring geometric patterned tiles.  Only by putting the right tiles in your bathroom, it can turn it into a masterpiece. There are many options in geometric tiles that you can use to play on the walls of your bathroom. From colored geo tiles to mosaic tiles with bold and big patterns there are many options for experimenting. Normally to keep it simple, people use tiles in the shades of black and grey tiles in their bathroom. They can make the bathroom look extraordinarily beautiful. Using these colors also there are many geometrical shapes that can be used in the tiles. The most important of all is to have the right combination of color and pattern of the tiles for the walls and floors.

3. Patterned Floors


Source: Comrade Foot

To give a new look to your contemporary rooms you can use geometrical tiles on the floors. They are the perfect solution for transforming your old and boring look of the rooms to a new and vibrant one. You can use multiple patterns and colors to create thousands of themes to match the one you want. To have a cool affect or a bright colorful one, it’s for you to decide. Geometric tiles beat the traditional barriers of styling your house with less cost and ease. You can add them in your sitting and drawing rooms to create an impressive impact. You can also use them to make your bedrooms look more pleasing and colorful. Another important thing that needs to be considered while selecting the right geometrical tiles is the room size.


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