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A Complete Guide To Best Stag Activities in Lisbon

Lisbon is the perfect city for a stag do. It’s blessed with incredible weather all year round and has a superb nightlife. You can choose from a range of activities like archery, off-road buggies, rafting, high ropes, obstacle courses, paintballing, wine-tasting, sightseeing, and stag fiesta. What more could you need from a stag party? Here are a few ideas for stag do activities.

Nightclub entry and one drink

A stag do night in Lisbon is the perfect way to get your adrenaline flowing. Lisbon is known for its hidden wine bars, medieval streets, and cool restaurants. And because the city’s clubs are literally some of the best in the country, you’re guaranteed to have a breathtaking weekend of pure bachelor fun. You can visit a nightclub and start your drinking marathon with your friends. But before you set off on your stag do, make sure you book a table or two. They are, after all, the hottest spots in town so it is no wonder why the demand is high.

Stag fiesta

Finding a restaurant that caters to everyone’s tastes will make your stag weekend all the more memorable. Many of Lisbon’s stag do dinner packages come with a welcome drink to kick-start your evening. To ensure your needs are properly taken care of, you can always contact the management in advance, especially if you want to make a reservation or have specific dietary requests.

Off-road driving stag do

Lisbon has iconic landmarks like the 25 de Abril Bridge and Sao Jorge Castle which are perfect for car tours. Other than that, the city is built on hills which make it difficult to explore on foot. This is where off-road driving comes in. The vehicles are fixed with GPS. An onboard guide will tell you everything you need to know.


Lisbon is an incredible place for surfing. Although the city is not located on the coast, it takes a short distance to reach the country’s best spots for surfing. Make sure you spend your day with a professional couch to learn how to carve up the waves. Because surfing is an exerting sport, you’ll certainly need some snacks and drinks to keep you fueled the whole day.

Bubble football

Bubble football is the perfect daytime activity if you plan spends your time outside the City Centre. It involves forming a group with your fellow stags before throwing yourself in giant inflatable spheres. The top has an open space, so you won’t be completely sealed off. While inside, you will take part in challenging games without having to use your hands for balance. In fact, you will learn that it is a difficult game to play.

When playing bubble football, the goal is also to tackle the opponent as you attempt to score a goal. The game is meant to take football to a whole new physical level within the safety of a bubble. Since the players are well-protected, hitting the ball is not the only reason why stags love this peculiar sport.


It is never a bad time to visit Lisbon. If you’re a stag do enthusiast, there are a lot of activities that you cannot get in any other European city. Because organizing a stag is not easy, you should work with companies that can handle the whole thing for you – from accommodation to activities. Why not get your stag over there?


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