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Used Fire Trucks: Hidden Treasures

People have no problem buying a used car or truck; however, many people on the other hand probably think that buying a used fire truck is beyond the realm of possibility. They think that something that is used to save lives should be brand new to reduce the risk a break down when needed, but the truth is that a refurbished used vehicle can be just as reliable as a new one. There are many benefits to buying a fire truck used.

Look at Cost

Perhaps one of the main reasons used fire trucks have become such a huge draw for many fire departments is the cost is significantly lower than buying new. Everyone knows that the moment a new car drives off the lot, it loses value, and that is also true for a new fire truck. The cost of a new truck can be hundreds of thousands of dollars less, depending on the model being bought. Many municipalities just don’t have the cash to spend. There are many used fire trucks for sale that are at a significant cost saving over the new models.

The ‘Refurbished’ Label

Trucks that are sold as refurbished are given a thorough inspection to make sure everything is functioning properly. A reputable reseller will evaluate the truck and make repairs as needed. Review the seller’s notes for additional information about repairs and the history of each truck you’re considering.

Used Fire Trucks

A truck labeled as ‘used’ may be sold as is or refurbished, so review the details of the sale listing closely before buying so you know what you’re getting. If you’re torn between different models, speak to an experienced emergency vehicle mechanic for more information. A mechanic may know of specific issues with the models you’re considering that you can then factor into your decision making process.

Benefits of Selling

If people didn’t buy used fire trucks, then what would happen to them? Used fire trucks are given a second life and the transaction maximizes their usage. It also provides much needed income to the selling fire department. That money can be used to purchase equipment, cover salaries for personnel and anything else they may need. It’s a win-win for everyone. A selection of used fire trucks is available from recognized sellers such as http://www.firetrucksunlimited.com.

Paying For It

Fire department have many options for paying for used fire trucks. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are grants available to help purchase the trucks as well as other equipment. They can also save up for it over several years. Since the cost of a used truck is significantly less than a new one, it doesn’t take as long to save for it. If the need is immediate and the fire department doesn’t have the money on hand, then they can ask the public to use tax dollars to purchase it or get a loan through the use of a public vote referendum, depending on local laws.


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