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Pros of Taking Your Motorcycle Out of Storage

Many riders decide to put their motorcycles and extra OEM parts for motorcycles into winter storage. With snow on the road, there may not be any need to ride it for a while, and finding a storage unit will keep it safe compared to keeping it in your driveway. However, once spring comes around, there are advantages to be gained even if you do not think you will take a road trip any time soon.

A Chance To Inspect Your Bike

A Chance To Inspect Your Bike - bike safety check

Various components will wear down over time, and after your motorcycle has been in storage for a while, you want to make sure everything still works. Take your motorcycle to a professional to inspect the frame, oil lines, brake lines, throttle cables and everything else. It may be a couple more months until your next road trip, but that gives you plenty of time to ensure everything is in working order before taking off.

The Need To Take It on a Spin

The Need To Take It on a Spin - bike road trip

When your motorcycle is in a storage unit, you may not even realize you should plan a fun road trip with your fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. When you take it out at the beginning of spring, you suddenly have an excuse to call your friends and schedule a road trip. You may even remind your friends that now is the time for them to take their bikes out of storage, too.

You Maintain Value of the Bike

You Maintain Value of the Bike - maintain bike

The day may come when you want to sell your bicycle. A prospective buyer may ask how you have stored the bike. It is good if you stored it during the winter because that means it has taken on less damage. However, when it is in storage for too long, a buyer may worry whether it requires extensive repairs to run. You get the best of both worlds by storing half the year and riding it the other half.

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