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Upcycle Your Van

If you own an old van that is rarely used, rather then leaving it to rust, why not upcycle it into something really useful? You’d be amazed by all the fantastic things a van could become; it is a space with so much potential which is heavily overlooked by most. Here are some brilliant ideas of what your old van could be transformed into if you give it the chance.


Tired of your 9 to 5 job? If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming your own boss your van could be the secret answer! Vans can easily be transformed into mobile catering businesses, whether you’re highly skilled in creating in delicious pizza or you’re a coffee expert, you could install kitchen facilities to prepare produce in, and cut a hole in the side of the van with a shutter through which you could serve customers. With a mobile business like this, your customer base is limitless! You could travel all over the world with your van, making money and having adventures. What a fun way to make a living!But remember, you will still need to look for cheap van insurance if you’re still going to be driving it.


If the sheer expense of travel and accommodation costs mean that you struggle to afford to go on holiday every year, how about turning your old van into a campervan? You could kit it out with storage units, comfortable bedding and basic kitchen facilities to create a mobile hotel for yourself. You could make it really cosy with fairy lights and cushions and take a piece of home with you wherever you go. This not only helps you to cut costs but also gives you free reign of wherever you’d like to go.

Home Office

If you’ve been dreaming of setting up a home office to work from home or manage your own business from, but you just can’t find the space, how about making the most of another space you haven’t even considered. You could transform a van into an unusual but highly functional office space. You could kit it out with all the equipment you need and set up an electric supply to your home so that it could be heated too for those colder months. Not only would this make great use of an unused space, it would also create an outdoor vicinity for you to escape to, disconnect from the rest of the world, focus, and find inspiration from to use in your work.

Upcycling is a new trend that is taking the world by storm and allowing people to re-imagine household items that they usually would have disposed of. This doesn’t have to stop at furniture though; think outside the box and you might discover some amazing potential in other belongings.For example, you could upcycle an old vehicle into something really useful. A van could be transformed into a new business venture, a new way to travel without the expenseor could answer your prayers when it comes to finding the space youneed for a home office. For more lifestyle tips, take a look at utmostarray.com, including travel and interior tips.


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