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The Top 15 Web Analytics Tools That Will Track Traffic on Your Site

Web analytics happens to be the collection, measurement, reporting & analysis of data on the web/internet for the purpose of optimizing & understanding web usage. Web Analytics isn’t just some tool meant to measure traffic on the website, but it can also be made use of as a market & business research tool. Web analytics gives data depending upon no. of page views, visitors, etc. In case you wish to find out about paid & organic search traffic producing cells as well as chats on the websites, then the best web analytics tools in this list are extremely beneficial for all of you!

1. ShinyStat

One of the best analytics tools & a site analytics package that comes in numerous varieties (has an absolute free version too).

Here are a few features that it offers:

  • Page Views & Visits
  • The Avg. no. of visits/ hour or per day of that week
  • A Weekly report that comes via e-mails
  • Search Engines & Referring Sites
  • System Reports that include browser, Screen Resolution & Operating System
  • Entry & Exit Pages

2. Google Analytics

This shows one how people came across your website, how the visitors explored the site & ways in which you can then enhance a visitors visiting experience. Such info helps one in improving the site returns on investment, helps increase conversions & also helps in making more cash from the site. Google Analytics lets one measure sales & conversions. Furthermore, it also gives one a fresh insight into how a visitor uses your website & how one can keep these visitors coming back for more!

3. The etracker

It focuses on the web-analytics tool & the flagship product’s called the “Web Analytics” which is a lot like Google Analytics. This happens to be a SaaS web tool which uses page tags to produce visitor stats. Also, it offers features like campaign tracking, path analysis, visitors’ segmentations, etc. It’s a distinctive service for analysis & tracking visitors on the web. The unique aspect in their offerings is that it is fully acquiescent with the German laws of data protection.

4. W3Counter

A free, hosted site analytics solution that is meant for answering key questions regarding your website: for instance who is your audience, what interests your audience & how does your audience find your website. Furthermore, there is absolutely no installation or configuration & the tracking begins the moment you copy-paste any snippets of code in your website.

Other features on W3Counter are:

  • Completely free web statistics for majority sites & blogs.
  • More than 30 reports (real-time) give information on how the visitors are using your site.
  • You can add a widget to your websites to share the web stats easily.
  • See which visitor is on what page & where these visitors have come from.

5. AWStats

This happens to be free-of-cost, feature-full & powerful tool that helps generate advanced web, ftp/ mail server statistic, streaming-  all graphically. It’s a log analyzer that works as CGI or a command line to show you all the possible information that your logs contain, in a few graphical website pages. AWStats uses partial information files to process the large log file, often as well as quickly. Also, it can successfully analyze any log file from a major server tool like the Apache log file, IIS, WebStar & lots of different proxy, wap, web, streaming servers, ftp servers & mail servers.

6. Reinvigorate

It has done a very remarkable task in successfully cutting all clutter that you come across in the other analytics apps. Reinvigorate is packed with features that you will require to gain an advantage in the real-time today’s web.

Here are some features that set Reinvigorate apart from the others:

  • Registered user ID with proper Name Tags
  • Real-time user reporting & traffic
  • An estimated traffic at the end of every day
  • Heat maps

7. ClickTale

This is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to CEA (Customer Experience Analytics). It provides businesses with several revolutionary insights within their customers’ behavior online. More than 35,000 businesses today depend upon ClickTale to effectively optimize site performance, dramatically increase the conversion rates & improve usability. ClickTale tracks each mouse click, move and scroll, it creates playable videos of a customer’s entire browsing session & great visual heatmaps & behavioral reports which perfectly complement the traditional net analytics.

8. MochiBot

This is a tool for Flash traffic monitoring (like hit counters) which tracks performance of an individual SWF or a Flash content file. In case the SWF’s on five different servers, MochiBot counts the no. of visitors & views that the SWF gets for all five servers. This is perfect if you wish to track how viral the Flash content on the web is.

9. SiteMeter

This is a free website tracking that is extremely eye catching. A unique aspect of this happens to be Traffic Estimator that looks at the historical website traffic to give you the expected estimates of traffic for the upcoming hours, days, weeks and months.

10. Piwik

It’s open sourced (GPL licensed) software for web analytics. It gives one interesting reports about your site visitors, all popular pages, search engine keywords that a visitor used, languages they speak, etc. Piwik aims at becoming this open source substitute to the popular Google Analytics.

11. Going up

This is full of snazzy colors, multiple implantation choices, trouble-free sign up & an amazing looking & informative UI. The way in which information is presented is sound logically & ajax driven (almost), which means it is nice looking with a great feel to it overall. The information tracked includes extensive graphs, maps, charts, etc. making information easy to use & comprehend.

12. Pagealizer

This is a new establishment that is aiming at helping create more useful Web pages. It provides particulars on how website visitors currently are utilizing the specific pages. It tracks how much time is spent on every given page, on where a user clicked, & how far the user scrolled down on that page. Pagealizer’s quite an easy setup & charts are easy to comprehend. Page scroll distances can give the content creator an excellent analysis into whether the users are actually even reading full content.

13. StatCounter

It is packed with powerful & useful tools that help one in making better decisions regarding your websites.

Here’s a list of some features that it offers:

Invisible Counter Options, Log-Size, Configurable Counters, Magnify Users, Configurable Summary Statistic, Drill Down, Entry Pages, Popular Pages, Exit Pages, Keyword Analysis, Search Engine War, Visitor Paths, Recent Keyword Activities, Visit Length. Recent Pageload Activities, Returning Visits, Recent Visitor Activities, Recent Visitors Google Map, Country or State or City Stats, ISP Stats, Multiple website Management, Browser Stats, Blocking Cookie, etc.

14. Yahoo! Web Analytics

This happens to be this enterprise-level, highly customizable site analytics system that is designed to assist site businesses in increasing sales & visitor satisfaction. It also helps reduce the marketing costs & gain a new insight to the online customers. Furthermore, by storing the data in a raw & non-aggregated state, Yahoo! Web Analytics becomes more than just a mere reporting tool. It’s a very powerful, highly flexible tool for data analysis. The real-time as well as historical data can be instantly segmented & visualized with the advanced graphs. This will help marketers & website designers in answering specific business queries & in finding new insights for improving the business.

15. Woopra

This provides a business with most effective & comprehensive analytics as well as engagement services. It offers all the traditional analytics functions & live tracking. It also seamlessly unifies the web analytics (live) & customer engagements in a single platform that’s user friendly. Woopra offers instant, exhaustive individual data of a visitor within milliseconds. It also gives a user the skill to harness power of his/her stats through the tools & helps you in automatically & manually interacting with & engaging the visitors. Woopra goes all the way to help you in seeing your data…understanding your data & making better decisions using that data. The best feature is- it gives one the power of executing it all in one tiny little place!!!


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