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Top 10 Developers Who Make iPhone Popular

The success of any smartphone in one way or another depends on its application ecosystem. Apple’s iPhone is a really good quality phone. Although the iPhone app ecosystem is the largest out there for smartphones, and iPhone app developers are also keen to write programs and games for the mobile platform, but many applications are either duplicate of each other or they are broken and useless. This makes it difficult to find good-quality apps. However, the following top iPhone app developers are some of the individuals/companies which make the iPhone a highly fun and productive device to own. These are the developers who are highly successful and on the top of the popularity list.

iPhone Apps


Rovio has become so popular with its franchise of Angry Birds that now it has even become a household brand, and can be found on t-shirts, stationery, school bags, Tiffin boxes, etc., you name it. Some time ago they launched their latest successful product, Angry Birds Star Wars, and had made over $100 million during 2012.

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is one of the iPhone app developers whose applications are beautifully built and useful too. Their applications cover every corner from fun and casual to business and production. Some popular applications are Credit Karma, Stanford eCorner, Alpha Writer, Secret City, etc. They are currently the number one developers of 2013.

Dragon Forged Software

Dragon Forges Software also provides some assorted applications like Handshake and Trivia which makes the company as one of the top iPhone app developers. They have been designing applications for Mac OSX and iOS since 2004. They create polished applications for their clients.


MobisoftInfotech is one of those software developers who mainly focus on business end products, while they do not neglect other genres too. They produce applications for domains like games, shopping, media, education, social networking, etc. MobisoftInfotech provides consulting for the enterprise mobile sector too.


Ebbex provides really useful tools to carry in your pocket. Applications like the Vintage Tuner, Tip Calc, Better Goals, Criminal Pages, Truck Washes etc. which make Ebbex one of the greatest iPhone app developers. Ebbex also deals with customer requests for solutions and sells applications to its clients according to their request.

Appetizer Mobile LLC

Appetizer Mobile LLC is another mobile application development team which specializes in handling requests of clients and giving them premium applications. They also excel in providing their clients all the information they need to increase or improve their revenues. Some of their work includes Learn Smart Systems, CityJet,  Kryptos, etc.


Another one of the top iPhone app developers is Gameloft which produces a wide array of games, including classic, action, racing, sports, adventure, logic, MMORPG, etc. The most commendable work from them are their sudoku, battlefield, brain age, etc. which are regularly updated. Gameloft also works on heavy games like the Dark Knight Rises, Modern Combat Zero Hour, Real Soccer, Asphalt, N.O.V.A., etc. which have unbelievable graphics and truly bring out the potential of the hardware of the iPhones.


Electronic Arts is might have got a strong reputation with games like The Sims DJ or Yahtzee, especially with the overpriced games like Sudoku and Scrabble. However, games like Spore, Mirror’s Edge, or Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 show that EA means serious business when it comes to mobile gaming on the iPhone.

Pandora Media

Developers usually try to make as many applications of different genres to attract maximum consumers. However, Pandora Media has, as for now, stuck with only one app – Pandora Radio.  This is one free application that is probably used by every iPhone user. The Radio works on the Music Genome Project and lets you search for a specific radio stream, based on your preference of artist, album, song, composer, etc. It also recommends similar radio stations to your preferences. Pandora Radio has been linked up with iTunes Store so that you can buy a song playing on the radio if you want to. The application does a really good job at catering to your needs for radio and the best part is that it is absolutely free.


This list would be incomplete if Zynga had not been mentioned in the top iPhone app developers list. Zynga took a simple concept from Facebook and applied it to their gaming applications. Their revenue was over a billion dollars in 2012, all because their games involve real-time multi-player gaming. Games like Zynga Poker, Words with Friends, and Farmville have been a really big hit. Players depend on the traffic of Facebook servers so that they can exchange the game data between them, hence neither did Zynga have to invest in too many servers nor did people have to download any software, or sign up for an account, to play their games.


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