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16 Best And Convenient iPhone 6/6+ Applications

You finally grabbed an iPhone 6 or maybe an iPhone 6 Plus. So, what’s all the fuss about? You know it has great specs, a larger screen than before, and is slick enough for your tastes but what else can I do?

You want to make full use of the phone but you feel like your old applications may not even be supported by the phone. Or maybe you’re an android user and you don’t know where to start. But don’t let that put you down!

Here are a few applications that put iPhone to good use.

1.    Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a great weather application. It keeps track of the weather and even tells you accurate predictions one hour in advance.

Dark Sky.jpeg

2.    RedLaser

RedLaser is an application that allows you to scan item barcodes and brings you all of the information about the product. This includes the competitive prices, in-depth information, customer reviews, and stores that sell it.


3.    Alien Blue

Alien Blue is one of the best Reddit browsers available for the iPhone 6. It allows you to seamlessly view the content and give you the freedom to manage the content you see.

Alien Blue.jpeg

4.    Fantastical 2

It may cost you a bit but fantastical 2 is a great calendar application for the iPhone 6. It’s a well-designed calendar that lets you full control of your schedule.


5.    Yelp

Yelp is an application that’ll allows you to search for specific locations for your needs. It tells you where you can find what you need and how far you’ll need to go. Alternative: OpenTable


6.    Readability

Readability allows you to view the simplified version of article content through your iPhone. It lets you view webpage articles without the baggage of design.


7.    Documents by Readdle

Documents allows you to view selected documents for easy access. It’s an alternative to cloud whenever you’d like to use your phone for USB-like features.

Documents by Readdle.jpeg

8.    Google Applications

Gmail and Google Maps are widely used and known for its capabilities. These Google applications are generally a great alternative from stock iOS applications.

Google Applications.jpeg

9.    Clear

Clear allows you to manage your to-do list at the swipe of your fingers. It has a sleek design and allows you to manage your list as efficiently as you can.


10.    Duolingo

Duolingo is a great tool for learning a language. It allows the user to learn the language at their own pace by picking a level or category.


11.    Horizon

Are you sick placing your phone sideways to take a video? Horizon is an application that allows you take horizontal videos even when your phone is straight up.


12.    Ecoute

Ecoute is a great alternative to the stock iOS music player. The developers primarily focused on its design therefore providing you with smooth animations, a well-designed layout, and easy to manage features.


13.    CamDictionary

CamDictionary is an application that allows you to translate images that you’ve taken a picture of through your phone. It’ll save you a lot of trouble abroad!


14.    Transmit OS

Transmit OS is an FTP application for the iOS. It allows you to manage FTP files through your phone. You have the freedom to edit FTP or website content through your phone!

Transmit OS.jpeg

15.    Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns and allows you to wake up at an ideal time. It’ll also display your sleep patterns in the morning and give you the freedom to make future changes.

Sleep Cycle.jpeg

16.    BUDGT

BUDGT focuses on simple and hard budgeting tasks. It’s great tool to keep track of your finances and has a simple design for simple needs.



Our objective here is to find the best applications that will improve your lifestyle. We hope that these applications have helped you out! We at Utmost Array are looking to improve your use of technology any way we can!



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