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Themed Wedding Ideas for Summer 2023 in Australia

You have known each other a few years and you can’t remember life without your soulmate and even though you are both happy with the relationship, there is a lot of peer pressure from society to tie the knot and make things official.

So, after a sit-down discussion with your better half, you both agreed to make your relationship official and it is common today to skip the engagement completely, sending out wedding invitations after a social media post to announce to the world that you are an item.

Themed weddings are all the rage and it does definitely add a dimension to the event when everyone is wearing suitable attire and with The Small Things Co, you can acquire everything you need for your theme.

Here are a few summer wedding themes to consider.

  • Art Deco – The 1920s were an exciting time, after years of austerity, creativity exploded at a Paris design exhibition and Art Deco was born. If you are an avid admirer of the colourful, bold and expressive style that is Art Deco, this would be ideal. Diamond and lace are everywhere and even twenties furniture can be arranged.
  • Minimalist – Unconventional and some would say, chic, the minimalist wedding has no rules and a simplistic approach also saves you money. Some dried flowers, bridesmaids in simple cotton dresses and a country setting like a barn make the perfect backdrop.
  • Futuristic – If you are a sci-fi freak and so are all your friends, why not ask everyone to come in a way-out outfit, with an emphasis on hi-tech? Decorate the room with your favourite posters and get creative.
  • Rural farm – There are online companies that are dedicated to putting on themed events such as weddings, engagements and corporate events; they have everything you need to put on a natural and earthy ambience, with live country music to provide the entertainment.
  • Beach wedding – And why not? The Sydney coastline has so many fantastic beaches and with the help of a local provider, your beach ceremony and party will be the talk of the town. Bondi Beach is a firm favourite with the surfing community and they have seen some weddings over the years.

Whatever you choose, make sure your guests understand what is required and most will come up with ideas you hadn’t considered.


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