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3 Ways to Look Your Best for an Upcoming Wedding

Events like weddings are best when you look and feel 100 percent, and this involves staying on top of physical health and planning your outfit, hair, and makeup for the occasion. These tips will help you put your best foot forward and shift your focus from your appearance to having the best time.

Plan out an outfit beforehand 

When picking out wedding guest dresses, make sure to look at both online and in-store options. Online is the best place to look because of the variety and lower costs, and shopping online allows you to find the perfect outfit in the comfort of your own home. Many sites offer expedited shipping and free returns. When looking at dresses online, also check the reviews to see how it fits.

Having an outfit, jewelry, and shoes all planned out is important for feeling put together during pre-wedding festivities. The rehearsal dinner and other events surrounding weddings usually mean lots of social interaction and dressing up. You’ll want to look your best and refresh your wardrobe.

Work out and eat healthy leading up to the event

Make sure you eat plant-based meals and eliminate toxic substances like alcohol and sugar. This is a sure way to make sure your skin stays as clear as possible for the event. Eating fruits and veggies also gives you a healthy glow that will make the pictures turn out fantastically.

Sometimes an upcoming event is just the motivation you need to get back into working out. Maybe sign up for a few weeks of yoga or spin classes at a local gym. Working out allows you to feel better and look healthier. And if you’re the bride, there are options for personal trainers and nutritionists who can help you figure out what’s going to accentuate all your best features when making a workout plan.

Another tip is to look into essential oils, vitamins or supplements which have a positive influence on appearance and health. Natural supplements like black seed oil are great for the skin and for weight loss.

Practice your makeup or hire a makeup artist

Many people are used to the same makeup routine and aren’t fluent in the broader world of makeup, so they end up applying their everyday makeup while at special events. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it is always nice to get glam for a special occasion. A way to ensure your makeup and hair are on point is by practicing or by hiring a professional. It just depends on the time you have, because learning to do the perfect makeup look can mean practicing countless times. If you can put in the work, watching YouTube videos about makeup and practicing can be really fun and teach you some new skills. When it’s time for the event, just put your new skills to practice. When people ask where you got your professional looking makeup done, boast about your newly acquired skills!

If there isn’t enough time in the day to learn to do professional makeup, head to a local department store makeup counter and talk to an artist. You can hire someone to come to your house to do your makeup and lessen the amount of driving and moving on the big day. Or, you can go to a makeup counter and get it done there for a cheaper cost. Either way, it’s always best to have a practice run so you know that you like the makeup style and can make adjustments when it’s the day of the wedding.

Wedding preparation doesn’t have to be anxiety-ridden, so use these tips to look your best and feel confident.


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