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How to Offer Customers More Choices — Without Complexifying Your Business

The marketplace is constantly evolving, and businesses need to work harder to stay relevant. With dwindling attention spans, customers want to see something new all the time. As a business owner, you should ideally cater to the changing needs of the customer, without compromising on quality or efficiency. Don’t let your customers’ attention stray. Hold on to their purchasing power by offering new options and ideas.

Expanding your product line or introducing variations to existing products usually means additional work for the team. Plan out your new ventures carefully, ensuring you have enough resources and time for the project to roll out smoothly. Squeezing a new product into operations may lead to confusion, duplication, and unnecessary complications. Think creatively and you’ll find simple ways to offer more value to your customers.

The value you offer to your customer doesn’t have to be in the form of tangible products. Anything that helps save time and money can be of value. Broaden your vision and follow the tips below to keep your customers satisfied and interested.

1. Simply the Process

In today’s fast-paced world, customers want the work done accurately and quickly. Develop customer-centric policies and invest in tools to make transactions easier. For instance, with online payment processing, it takes only a few clicks to create and approve invoices. Your payments are secure, and customers have one less thing to worry about. It can truly be a win-win solution.

Customers love to shop at places with simple return and exchange policies. They might even end up shopping more if they have the option of hassle-free returns. Similarly, give them the option of local pick up if they want the item even faster than standard shipping. Mix and match options so that customers can get the exact item they want at the price they want.

2. Give More for Less

Everyone loves a good deal. Bundling products together at a discount can be a game-changer for your business. Customers are often tempted by the price and end up buying more than they intended. Keep changing the bundles according to the theme or season. You could offer personalization on wood cutting boards for Mother’s Day, and then replicate the idea for grilling aprons for dads on Father’s Day.

Returning customers deserve special acknowledgement for their loyalty too. Consider sending them a mystery box program to generate excitement. Freebies make customers more likely to buy from you again. This is also a simple way of testing new products on a small scale and getting feedback from customers. The future of your business relies on customer satisfaction, so find out what clicks with them.

3. Customize and Collaborate

Customers enjoy shopping from a business that makes them feel valued. Whenever possible, allow them to pick and choose options to create something that feels uniquely theirs. It could be about size and color of the product or duration of the service. Give them something that fits their style and budget to make them feel in full control of their purchase. Often plus-sized women do not find cute clothing made for their frame. Consider adding extended size options for your new sweatshirt line.

Competitors can also become allies if you offer them mutually beneficial strategies. Collaborate with other companies in the same industry to offer your customers more choices. It can boost visibility for both the businesses and create goodwill. You never know, you might even learn a thing or two from the business you considered a rival. For instance, #womensupportingwomen is not just a generic hashtag anymore. Female entrepreneurs are lifting one another up by favoring collaboration over competition.

4. Educate and Empower

Authentic and relevant information can also be an asset for your business. Along with your product or service, give customers the option to learn more about the industry. Share your expertise with them in the form of blogs, tutorials, or social media postings. From simple life-hacks and DIY videos to expert interviews, let your customers know that your brand is a reliable source of information.

Create open channels of communication so your customers can clarify any doubts or concerns related to the topic. They’ll feel empowered and valued when their feedback is given importance. Listen to them attentively, so that their preferences can be included in future product development. Include customers in focus groups and surveys, so they develop a sense of belonging with your business.

5. Stay Alert and Agile

Every business faces challenges at some time or the other. To stay afloat, you need to be aware of current issues and future projections. Keep an eye on competitors. You can use both their success and failure to tailor your future strategies. Also, keep monitoring your customers’ preferences. For instance, if more customers want environmentally conscious packaging, make sure you switch to reusable tote bags and boxes instead of plastic.

Despite all efforts, there may be times when there is a recession and sales plummet.  Remember to have a contingency plan ready to stay ahead of the curve in tough times. Delegating your back-end jobs to technology-based tools gives your team time to focus on creative tasks like improving product offerings. It takes a focused and composed team to come up with innovative ideas.

Offering customers more choices can empower them to make decisions that align with their preferences and lifestyles. A successful business achieves this goal with minimal investment and maximum ease for the customer. You’ll be creating a more satisfying and personalized experience for your customers while taking your business to the next level.


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