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The Perks of Bucharest’s Nightlife

If you are not yet aware of Bucharest’s one of a kind charms, now is definitely the time to rectify things. The Romanian capital has come a long way for a city which was home to one of the most notorious iron fist rules. However, times have certainly changed for this nation, and nowadays this Eastern European hub of entertainment and leisure is famous for its vibrant and energetic nightlife scene. As the sun sets, the city shows a completely different face, which lures young and eager party-goers, so let’s delve deep into the evening pleasures of Bucharest and see what it has in store for its guests.

This city may also be known for its opera and theater, however, both domestic and foreign young visitors prefer to experience the nighttime chills and thrills. Newer generations are really into hip and urban bars and clubs, which are popping everywhere across the city these days. Bucharest is up and running 24/7, which is why some parties casually last until early morning hours. So whether you are into clubbing deep into the night, listening to live music or just want a decent cocktail to soothe your soul, remember that Bucharest’s downtown is where all the magic happens. Under the cover of darkness, this area exudes this contagious nocturnal vibe, which draws people in like moths to a flame.

Why is Bucharest leading the party scene?

Clubs, bars, restaurants – the city is full of them. There is something incredibly fashionable and light-hearted about Bucharest, no wonder it is growing fast to become the leader of Eastern Europe’s nightlife scene. And best of all: it is suitable for all budgets! Prices are not that expensive compared to Western European standards, regardless of the fact that foreign visitors are priced slightly above the norm. And boy, are guests spoilt for choice. Unirii Square as well as Selari, Gabroveni, and Lipscani streets are teeming with locales open day and night, which attract a colorful crowd eager to have pure fun.

Most famous clubs of Bucharest are:

  • Player Club
  • Bamboo Club
  • Fratelli Social Club
  • Kristal Glam Club
  • (BOA) Beat of Angels Club
  • Face Club
  • Control Club

Club and pub entry policies and prices

In some clubs, it is common to pay a symbolic entrance fee while some practice a free entry policy only for girls. Bear in mind that this city won’t rob you of your fortune because it is extremely affordable. Entrance fees are usually less than 5 Euros unless a trending music artist is performing at the venue. Additionally, it is important to exchange your currency into LEI or RON, even though Euros are widely accepted.

As for drinks, they are also fairly inexpensive. A pint of beer will cost you around 2 – 4 Euros, while a beautifully prepared cocktail will rid you 4 – 6 Euros each, depending on your choice, of course. Unless you are well acquainted with some Bucaresti locals, stick to the designated historic center. It is the safest place for tourists not to get lost or wind up in a place where they will be charged more than needed.

As for restaurants, Romanians are very proud of their national cuisine so prepare to wine and dine like royalty. Quality traditional dishes are offered at fairly cheap prices across the city, except in luxurious restaurants. And if you really want to relax and enjoy massages, definitely head to the Therme Spa – Eastern Europes largest indoor spa and recreation center.

Length of parties

After 10 PM, Bucharest is teeming with youthful energy and party vibes. A lot of pubs, clubs, and bars are open deep into the night because of the absence of licensing hours. That is why the clubbing scene famously lasts until early morning hours, and then some! Bear in mind that established restaurants and other luxury eateries are usually booked for the day so make sure to reserve your table in advance.

And the vibrant clubbing scene of Bucharest is just the tip of the iceberg. From architecture and art to entertainment and cuisine, this culturally diverse Balkan nation is full of surprises. This is where the West and the East meet, so it is no wonder why so many stags, hens, students, and backpack adventurers are swarming this city to experience something new and unique. Book your plane tickets and see for yourself if you ever get the chance! You will not be disappointed.


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