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Most Fashionable First Ladies of the World

Being married to appointed electives, makes the first ladies reach an iconic stature. Everything about them comes in the spotlight. And one of the first things that get noticed is their sense of style and dressing.

There are those who have come and gone through the history earning no more reputation to themselves than the “President’s Wife” or the “First Lady.”  Yet there were and are many other graceful ladies, who even after becoming the First Lady had their own identity and an immaculate dressing sense for which they were hailed across the globe. These women have been rightly named as the most fashionable first ladies.

These fashionable first ladies had their own distinct style for which they are known around the world. Their fashion sense is not slave to the upcoming trends; yet picks up only those elements which suit their persona and adds to their grace. Fashion, to them, was not following a cult but making an elegant and sometimes hip hop trend of their own. Their personalities were always seen in line with what they wore.

The most fashionable first ladies have inspired a fashion trend amongst women all around the world, no matter where they belong to. Where some are bold others are passive yet very elegant and timeless.

1.    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Though Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the First Lady of United States around the mid of the 20th century, she is still seen as one of the greatest style icons that has ever lived. In fact, it is safe to say that our countdown of the most fashionable first ladies can only begin from her. Throughout the time when she was the First Lady and even years after that, women and fashion prodigies have always appreciated the grace and style with which she always carried herself.

Whether it is in the White House or barefoot in Rome, she always had the perfect dressing idea.
Jackie wore bright and rich colours and her dresses were usually seen as monochromatic that were complemented by her signature scarf style. From her very young years till now, she has been a pure picture of elegance and someone who is very aware of her fashion sense.

2.    Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, who is currently the First Lady of America, is often hailed as an iconic fashionable figure. She has been declared as the “Best Dressed” women by a number of leading fashion magazines. Right after her husband became the President of United States, she has taken her dressing style even more seriously than before portraying a true American female who is powerful, bold and conscious about her desires and style.

Women all around the country and even in other places are inspired by her fun prints and bold usage of bright colours. She is not afraid of trying anything; from cardigans to sleeveless, you will see her boldly and elegantly carrying her style making her one of the most fashionable first ladies.

3.    Carla Bruni

Who can forget the recent France’s First Lady – Carla Bruni who is equally popular for being a top Italian-French singer and song writer besides being one of the top fashionable First Ladies. But before this much-accomplished life, Bruni had also been one of the top paid French models. And all through this transition in her personal and professional life, Carla Bruni has shown a keen sense of dressing.  Of course that can be owed to her extensive modelling career as well which also led her to be associated with famous fashion design houses like Chanel, Versace, Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy and of course Christian Dior amongst many others.

Although her wide-ranging modelling career demanded many extreme photo shoots and modelling jobs including nude photographs, Carla Bruni completely transformed after she had left her modelling profession to pursue her singing career and after she became the First Lady of France.

Being one of the most fashionable First ladies of the world she has truly proved that her sense of style goes beyond what is demanded by the eye of the camera. Since the time Bruni took this title she has maintained a persona not much different than that of Jacqueline Kennedy sporting modest and elegant suits and dresses, mostly designed by Dior, a famous French label. If it is not the suits and dresses, she would prefer elegant long gowns in the night.

Although she possessed a body that many would die for, Carla Bruni never gave preference to showing it off because she proved that fashion to her meant wearing the perfect cut and fabric that would praise the body rather than revealing it. This clearly ascertained that Carla Bruni, like Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama, is truly one of the most fashionable First Ladies of the world who will carry this title for as long as they live.



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