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Six natural ways to keep your skin fresh

Your skin plays a primary role in enhancing your beauty. Every person, especially the ladies desire to have a flawless skin that makes them look young and fresh. Markets nowadays offer ample products to make your skin healthier and redefine its glow. And of course, you need money and time to follow these product routines.

Why don’t we seek for some home remedies to keep our skin radiant? That’s right. Your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets have a lot of useful stuff to offer.

Below, we have collected a few expert tips on face-care to fight some common issues and bring a natural glow to your skin:

For overall shine

Face shine

Peel off a medium-sized cucumber and cut small slices. Blend them thoroughly and pass it through a cotton cloth to drain off all extra water. Next, pour it into a bowl and add two teaspoons of honey. Apply this paste using your hands or cotton pad. Wash it off in twenty minutes, and you’ll notice an amazing glow on your face.

For dark spots and pigmentation

eyes dark spots

Mix egg white with two spoons of honey. Stir it until you notice a thorough consistency. Rub this paste on the dark spots and let it stay for five minutes. Then wash your face by a face wash. Regular usage of this paste will reduce dark spots over time.

For wrinkles and age spots

eyes wrinkles

Sun exposure to bare skin can end up in plenty of problems for your skin. Thereby, to avoid that, make plenty of use of vitamin C. Use lemons to protect your skin from sun rays and pollution.

For dark circles

eyes dark circles

Getting rid of bags under eyes is the main concern of many ladies out there. Dark circles not only restrain you from looking beautiful but are hard to hide as your age increases.

Potato is an excellent kitchen product that helps diminish these dark circles. Peel off a raw potato and cut two slices out of it. Place them under your eyes for fifteen minutes. Daily use will bring a notable change in your dark circles, and you may finally get rid of them.

For facial hair

facial hair

You can reduce facial hair growth by a simple mixture of honey and lemon. Take 10 ml of lemon juice and 40 ml honey, mix them up thoroughly. Next, apply and rub it in the direction of hair growth. Wash it off within 15 minutes. Use it twice for two weeks and then once every week after that.

You shall notice a reduction in growth and shedding of hair over time.

For soft lips

soft lips

Make a quick scrub using olive oil, honey, and sugar. Spread it on your lips. Wash it away in 10 minutes, or you may not wash it as the taste isn’t so bad.


Along with all these measures, make sure you are following basic rules for healthy skin and body. These comprise washing away the makeup before going to sleep, having regular exercise, plenty of water and eight hours of sleep each day.

Use these tips and change your lifestyle to get the look of perfection you desire, since forever!


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