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5 Creative Medication Organizer Ideas

Keeping medication organized isn’t that easy. Improper organization can have dire consequences. Medication is not something you want to get mixed up.

There’s no reason why your medicine should be disorganized. It’s easy to keep it organized. You can even get creative in your organization.

Here are five fun ways to keep things organized.

1. Upcycling

Orange pill jars are not very pretty.

There’s no reason why you need to keep your medicine in them.

You shouldn’t throw away the labels in case you need to reference them. If your container is big enough, you can keep the original pill bottle inside.

Use old jars or containers that you have lying around.

Decorate mason jars or glasses that you don’t have any other use for.

There’s no reason to throw everything away. With a bit of creativity, you can use these items for storing medicine or other things.

Glass jars are also great for storing foods that expire.

Flour and sugar bags will attract insects. Using old jars will keep your kitchen clean and organized. You might need to split things up into multiple jars, but it’s better than having things open.

The same goes for medication.

2. Tea Tins

You might not want everyone to see your medication.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you use medical marijuana and don’t want others to know. Your medication is your own business.

Proper cannabis storage is important. It is a medication that can go bad. You need an airtight container that can be kept away from light and heat.

Tea tins are a great option. They are usually dark and airtight. They tend to have cute designs, too.

Another great thing about tea tins is that no one will suspect they hold medication. Just make sure no one opens them thinking that it’s tea. And keep them out of reach of children.

You don’t want someone to accidentally make some weed tea!

Keeping cannabis and other medications that expire in tea tins will also keep them fresher for longer. Be proactive with your medications. Don’t let them expire due to negligence.

Tea tins are great because they are versatile. Obviously, you can also store tea in them. They are also great for coffee and spices.

No kitchen is complete without a tea tin set.

3. Travel Gear

If you take medication, you’ll need to travel with it.

Have your travel gear ready for when you travel. Or just keep your medication in travel equipment all the time. That way you won’t have to do extra work while packing.

For frequent travelers, travel medication kits are a must.

You’ll probably have to pull out your medicines during security at the airport.

Keeping things organized all the time will help prevent travel stress. Getting ready for a big trip is never easy. Even preparing for a small trip is hard.

Sometimes packing for a day trip is even more difficult than a long one.

Have things ready so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

4. Decorative Labels

Make things pretty.

Don’t think of taking medication as a chore.

It can be a ritual that you actually enjoy. Having a decorative medicine cabinet is one way to make things nicer. Start simple with nice labels.

Labels for medication don’t have to be dull. Use something like a vinyl sticker machine to create pretty designs.

Labeling is important not just for decorative reasons. Medication is something you can’t take risks with. You need things to be well-labeled.

Even if you know what your medication looks like, not everyone else does.

You don’t want someone else to take the wrong medicine by accident.

5. Apps

Electronics make everything easier.

There are apps that can help you remember to take the right pills.

Set reminders with your phone. See if there’s an app that has information on your medicines. Create a system that works for everyone in your house.

Take pictures and send them to people so that they don’t forget what is where. Send your kids reminders to take their medicine.

Most of these apps are cheap or even free of cost.


Keeping medication organized is essential. This is not something you can ignore. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult.


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