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8 Useful and Essential Android Health Apps For Internet Addicts

Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you that you have a heart problem from sitting at the desk all day. Install these 8 Android health apps now and be one step ahead of obesity, stress, and computer fatigue syndrome!

8 Android Health Apps for Internet Addicts

Here are 8 useful and essential Android health apps you should have on your smartphone! These health apps are most especially helpful to internet addicts like you.

1. Daily Ab Workout

This health app is available with limited but adequate features even when you get the free version. You can start with 5-minute workouts before you progress to 8 minutes, then to 15. You get a series of exercises that actively engage your core. In fact, you will feel your abs starting to hurt even with a 5-minute workout! This health app is perfect for Internet addicts who sit all day as it helps prevent backaches by strengthening core muscles.

2. Big Oven

With this health app, you can cook healthy food at home based on your mom’s secret recipes or your friends’ recommended recipes. You can also look at the other 250,000 recipes available here. When you go to the supermarket, you can buy the ingredients based on the recipes you choose – and they’re sorted out according to aisle!

3. Daily Butt Workout

Your butt tends to hurt if you’re sitting on it all the live-long day. Don’t let that happen; let this app exercise your behind through a series of effective exercises that focus on your gluteus maximus muscles.

4. Health Tap

It is always best to consult a doctor when you think you’re sick, but having a health app that helps you talk to doctors online is the next best thing. You can ask a doctor about your symptoms because there’s always one available anytime or you can read some helpful articles here.

5. Daily Leg Workout

Sitting in front of your computer makes you prone to deep venous thrombosis. Make sure you exercise your legs everyday with this health app. You get a description of how each exercise should be performed, with an accompanying video to help guide you – especially because as an internet addict, you’re probably a visual person.

6. Pomodoro Timer Lite

Eyestrain is a common complaint among netizens who are frequently online. It’s ideal to stand up and look away from your computer once in a while, but with so much stuff to read online, we often forget! With this health app, however, you get two alarms for every 30-minute cycle: The first rings on the 25th minute while the second rings on the 30th. You’re supposed to stop whatever you’re doing on the first alarm and take a break. Resume work only after five minutes; that is, after the second alarm.

7. Super Dynamite Fishing

This is a healthy, sane person’s secret weapon to maintain mental health. It’s a great stress buster and when it comes to health, stress is a risk factor for many diseases. Your goal is to blow up fish for points; the destructive plot is therapeutic for the stressed internet addict who wants to vent his frustrations!

8. Daily Cardio Workout

How much cardio do you get in a week if you’re online most of the time? Probably none. Change that by using this health app to get 5 to 15 minutes of cardio, ideally three times a week. Start slow if you must. Even just a few minutes following the exercises through this health app will definitely get your heart pumping!

These health apps for Android phones are perfect for internet addicts like you! Go ahead; install them now – all of them are available for free!



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