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Why Security is a Must on Your New Smartphone!

Maintaining a high level of security on a Smartphone is something you should consider of major importance. Smartphones provide a lot of benefits, but along with those benefits come dangers.

Most Smartphone users keep an amazing amount of important data and information on their phones, both personal and work related. Leaving your Smartphone unprotected is like publishing all your identity information in a magazine, ready for anyone, including criminals, to pick up and use.

Smartphone unprotected

There are some important things that you can do to make sure your phone, data and personal information are safe.

  •  Use passwords and timed automatic security lock as your identity and access management first line of defense. The setting to lock your phone automatically should never be set at more than five minutes. You should use a different password, or PIN for each type of data or information you have in your phone. You can vary each of these by just one character in order to help you remember each one.
  •  Do not tamper with the factory Smartphone settings for security, especially if you want to do this for your convenience. Making the phone easier to get into is helping hackers and criminals, which in the end is not going to be convenient for you.
  •  Consider using identity authentication services for your phone, especially if you have critical work related data, or company secrets, kept on your phone. If you keep access to your banking accounts on your smartphone, using these types of security services is a smart thing to do.
  •  Make sure you have backed up all of the data on your Smartphone. Keep your most important information with an app that operates simultaneously on your desktop computer, or laptop, and your Smartphone. If your Smartphone is lost or stolen, you can erase all the critical data from the desktop computer, which will automatically remove it from your Smartphone.
  • Always install manufacturers Smartphone system updates as soon as possible. These are often updates made for security reasons.

Do not wait to discover how a serious loss of your personal or work data can affect you. Security for your Smartphone is vitally important for you, twenty-four hours of every day.

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  1. This is exactly the reason I put up security walls on my Galaxy 3. You can find vital information from a person’s phone, like SS# or even your credit card, just by having your banking app open.

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