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Brilliant Tips of White Hat SEO

Once there was a time when only the keywords and content used to matter in the world of SEO, i.e. is Search Engine Optimization. But, now the times are changing. Just because you have created relevant content, doesn’t mean you are going to rank in the search engines in an instant.

There are many tactics and tricks one need to follow in order to boost up their ranking. Today, in this blog we are going to share brilliants tips and strategies that will give great experience for your visitor and benefits to your website.

What is White Hat SEO?


White Hat Seo


Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Since then it has become the top marketing channel as well. Many spammers try to violate the quality guidelines given by the Google. It is also known as Black Hat SEO.

While, White Hat SEO refers to those practitioners who bring up the ranking by following rules, become honest and maintain the integrity of your website.

Tips of White Hat SEO

• Relevant Content

Content is the heart of SEO. ALWAYS, go for the kind of content that is relevant. When you opt for an irrelevant content, it will harm the ranking of your website. Additionally, your visitors to the site will get confused.

So, take charge in your hands and curate the kind of content that is specifically relating to your website. The content should be of high quality, accurate headlines, and keywords that will match up with the user’s search content. As long as you render excellent, knowledgeable content by following some effective tips for writing a blog post, the visitors will spend ample of time on your website.

• Link Building

Link building is another strategy you need to keep up with ranking in the search engine. At times it’s difficult to understand Google’s algorithms, but when you do, the link building will help in gaining some visitors.

Remember, if you try to link your content to some other website, but it’s totally irrelevant then, your rankings will come down.

Do not perform the link exchange technique (I’ll give you the link, you give me yours) NEVER. By bringing up such inappropriate links to your website, your quality is reduced.

One can build links by maintaining personal connections in the industry. Begin with blog posting, joining SEO forums, tweeting and gradually take a step forward in podcast interviews and guest posts.

• On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization


On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization

As we discussed in the earlier points, how content is EVERYTHING, it is not the only area where you need expertise. There are other areas that you need to consider accurately.

Out of many, the two areas are On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. The On-Page factors consist of title tags, Meta descriptions, image alt text and so much more.

Most of the times, the common mistake you’ll notice is people stuff keywords everywhere. That’s entirely wrong tactic for your On-Page. The correct trick is to mix the keyword along with the content such that it does not look real.

Be descriptive about the On-Page and put together internal linking, that will enable the user to navigate into your website quickly and efficiently.

Off-Page Optimization relates to the factors that are not precisely related to the websites but affect radically. Two central practices for the Off-Page is to maintain uniformity in all the directories and social media presence. It allows the business to reach out to avid users and engage the audience.

• Reduce The Bounce Rate

When someone visits your page through Google search results, browse through your page and returns back to the Google within no matter of time, then there is something wrong. In short, concerning SEO the “dwelling time” is less.

The reason might be that your website content doesn’t match up to the information user is seeking.

One way to solve the problem is by curating your content attractive. Rewrite it, edit, and add more information, high resolution compressed images and so much more. Try to interlink the related articles, so that it becomes easy for the user to navigate.

• Keyword Research

For a strong strategy, keyword research is the basis of SEO. You can easily access the tools from the Google Keyword Planner. Using the correct keyword and following the content strategy – you are able to catch the attention of the user.

But, how do you find the right keyword?

We have written down four methods you can use in finding the correct keyword.

1. Finding the long-tail keywords

Simply enter the word you wish it to rank, and the Google will suggest you the keywords. People often use the keyword that pops up first into the search, but that’s very competitive.

But, remember, if Google is suggesting the long-tail keywords that mean people are actually searching about it.

2. Competitor’s Keyword

You can spend hours hunting down the correct keyword and will not find the one. The best option, search for your competitor’s keyword. There are many online websites which will help you out with it like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and other tools.

Insert the competitor website address, and you will find a bunch of keywords.

3. Online Groups And Communities

Many discussion forums, communities, and groups are on the internet which discusses any random topic on a daily basis. Reddit is one of them. Pay attention to the different words that the audience uses it often especially the ones in the questions. Target them and curate your content accordingly to rank in the search engine.

4. Google Search Console

Visit “performance report” in the Search Console. You will notice a number of clicks that are sorted.

These keywords are the ones through which you get the traffic. Therefore, to know more keywords – sort the queries in the impressions. And note down the keywords for your content.

• Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique will help you to rank top in the search engine. Here’s how it works:

Search the topic that you wish to write content on. You will notice that most of the contents you found on the pages were guides and top lists. So, here’s your cue. Write down the content accordingly, and you will notice a considerable change in your page rankings.

• Mobile Friendly

For Google, only mobile versions matter the most. It is crucial to ensure the mobile-friendly test for your website so that Google considers your site to the users.

We have covered almost all the main principles for White Hat SEO. To optimize your site without being penalized, there are basics as well.

• One of the ideal ways of getting backlinks is to perform some guest blogging. Reach out and contact the bloggers you know. Do not just do it for getting links, do it with the relevant websites to get your content viral.

• Try to accomplish the content marketing strategy. Through keywords in your content, people will try to find your site and browse.

• Analyze your competitor. Check what goes well for them. You might want to try out the tricks they are working on.

So, that was all about tips for White Hat SEO. Try out these tips to boost up your ranking in search engines and avoid getting a penalty.


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