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Some Tips For Keeping Your Car Fresh And Clean

We spend a lot of time in our cars, they are a kind of home away from home on wheels, and like our home, they need cleaning and maintenance to look and feel their best! This can feel like a big chore, especially if you have kids and pets as passengers, but the trick is to stay ahead of it so you can enjoy a nice, clean, good-smelling ride! The following are some tips that can help you keep your car in shape!

Sun Protection – The sun is incredibly hard on everything it shines on, including your car. Over time, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to cracked paint, dashboards, and upholstery. Protect the exterior with a coat of car wax, and the interior by using car sun shades that keep the sun from working its harm!

Car Rubbish Bin – These help keep your home clean, so why not your car? Rubbish tends to collect in the car’s footwells, between the seats, and on the floors, but placing some small rubbish bins around the interior will help it stay nice and tidy! Just remember to empty it once it’s full!

Air Fresheners – Everybody loves that new car aroma, but even a used car can still smell nice with the use of car air fresheners! The pleasant scents can have a soothing effect on you that keeps you feeling refreshed even after a long drive. Nothing lasts forever though, so you will need to change them out periodically so your car always smells fresh!

Floor Mats – These rubber mats help keep your car’s carpeting looking new longer, but they can become a repository for crumbs from snacks, dust, dirt, and mud so make a point of taking them out and giving them a good shake once a week!

Seat Covers – Affordable and attractive seat covers greatly extend the life of your car’s expensive upholstery by protecting it from grime and spilt liquids. When the seat covers get dirty you can just take them off, throw them in the wash, and put them back on again, as good as new!

Vacuum Cleaning – Your car’s floor is the place where bits of rubbish tend to sift down and stay there, ignored in the shadows until it builds up into a real mess! Just like your home’s carpets, give your car floors a thorough vacuuming every few weeks to keep them nice and tidy! Use a thin nozzle so you can get down into those hard-to-reach cracks between seats and in the corners.

Remove Accumulated Junk – Just like a hall closet, cars tend to accumulate a bunch of this and that as we go about our lives until there’s so much junk you need to clear off a place to sit! Make a point of taking all that stuff inside, and if you need a place to put it in the house, there is always the hall closet!

The Australian Government has passed laws that protect the consumer in the case of vehicle service and auto repair, for more information click here. We hope you enjoy riding around in your nice, clean car!


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