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Ten Odd Laws across the World


It is all about perspectives, the thing which looks normal from one perspective may seem weird to others based on their perception. I am sure you will be scratching your head after reading about these 10 normal things that are illegal across the world.

1. Death



What? Is it true? You cannot die at a place where you spent your whole life; Yes, dying in Longyearbyen, a Norwegian town, is illegal. If you are on your death bed, then you will be sent to another part of Norway either by plane or ship. Since 70 years, the town is not burying bodies because it was discovered that the bodies were not decomposing.

2. No Snakes



Do you like to see different types of snakes? Then New Zealand is not a place you would wish to go, as these reptiles are illegal there. Keeping or breeding of such reptiles is not allowed and they have never been deposited onto the island.

3. Dildos



In Texas, strict laws on sex toys are practiced and one can’t own six or more dildos. So, you can keep as many guns as you like, but you can’t have something which is an object of pleasure.

4. The Alphabets Q, W and X


These letters were not even found on the typewriters in Turkey, as they were illegal until 2003, and had been since 1928.

5. Weed



Well, it is illegal to grown more than 10 inches tall weed in Chicago. So, take out your measurement tapes and save yourself from a penalty.

6. Toilet request



LOL! This law is my favourite. In Scotland, denying a person from entering toilet is illegal, if he/she knocks on door and asks to use it.

7. Ghosts



You like scaring the hell out of kids? I do that a lot and I love it, but if you are living in Iceland, then it is illegal over there. So, you can’t scare a kid shouting, see there is a Dracula behind you.

8. House of Parliament


It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliaments because they are considered as royal palaces. If someone who looks a bit ill is sent out so that he does not passes away inside.

9. Doorknobs


In Vancouver, the new houses should not be having doorknobs as it is illegal. Since March 2014, the new houses are supposed to have levers instead of doorknobs, while buildings constructed before this date can have doorknobs.

10. Life of Brian


In Germany, Life of Brian is illegal in some parts on Good Friday. It is considered an offence if it is screened publicly and has a fine of 1000 Euros.



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