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Recognizing Mouse Infestations In and Out your Home

Take a look at a mouse in a pet shop and they look pretty cute. But, the simple fact is that a mouse infestation in your home can lead to you becoming ill through the diseases they carry and their waste products. Mice can also chew through most things, including electrical cables in your walls; increasing the risk of a short or a fire.

For that matter, mice can cause damage to your vehicles or other equipment in your garage and other attached buildings. This can result in the need for a good quality garage to fix the issue promptly; you can click here if that’s the case!

How To Tell You Have A Mouse problem

The usual indication that mice are adopting your home as their own is the presence of mouse droppings. You should look for these in your kitchen cupboards, specifically those that have food in them. A mouse can live on a crumb of food for a week!

While looking in your cupboards and any other dark spaces it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open for any holes that shouldn’t be there but appear to have been gnawed into existence. You may even see the slightest evidence of their claws by the holes as they scratched and bit their way through.

Other obvious signs include the scampering of tiny feet when the house is quiet. If you have a cat or even most dogs they are likely to jump up at the sound of these noises and sniff round where the mouse is. This will give you a clue as to where the mouse is running round; it will be fairly close to its entry and exit point. This should allow you to take your investigation a step further and find how they are getting into your home.

You also need to step outside your home and check for any evidence of the mice. You will have a crack in your rendering/cladding or perhaps round your door/window. It is important to repair these as quickly as possible to prevent the mice moving in and out of your house; this will help to reduce the size of any infestation.

Dealing With The Issue

It is possible to tackle the issue yourself however if you have any doubt regarding whether you have a mouse problem or how to deal with them, then you need to contact a local pest control service today.

Trying to deal with it yourself will involve setting mouse traps in the dark areas of your home where you think they travel. A snap travel is highly effective and kills the mouse extremely quickly; they are also very cost effective. The alternative is to use bait boxes with poison food in them. This will encourage the mouse to take the food back to their nest and hopefully kill more than one mouse at a time.

Just remember that bait boxes need to be kept out of the way of children and the other pets; if you don’t you may be putting their health at risk.



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