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4 Accessory Ideas to Wear with a Mid-Length Dress

If there’s an item of clothing that you should never miss in your wardrobe, then it would, without a doubt, be a midi dress. That’s because it can seamlessly transition from day-to-night, without losing appeal or making you look awkward. Not forgetting, midi dresses are as versatile as they come, accentuating all body types and styles while staying truly comfortable.

So, how can you style your midi dress? Before we get to that, let’s define what this dress is to help you pick the right length for you.

As the name suggests, a mid-length dress covers the torso and legs, ending halfway between your knee and ankle, also known as the mid-calf. So, you definitely want to keep this in mind when selecting your fit.

That said, how can you accessorize your midi dress?

1. A Pair of Sandals

You want to select the right pair of shoes to complement your midi-length dress. While you can wear some sexy heels with your dress, especially for formal or evening events – most casual, everyday mid-length dresses pair well with sandals or flats. And when it comes to sandals, you can go for any style you want, from strappy sandals for that chic look to summer slides for a comfortable, relaxed look. Now aside from sandals, a pair of sneakers can work well too, if you’re feeling edgy.

2. A Long Coat

The weather can get chilly or windy, even in the summer. Moreover, you may not feel your outfit is complete wearing the dress on its own. Whatever the case, long coats pair perfectly with mid-length dresses. So, how long is long? The coat should be the same length as your dress or longer. You can never go wrong with a long coat. But if you’re not a fan of long coats, you can try a cropped cardigan or jacket. But this will depend on the dress design.

3. A Waist Belt

Some waist definition can definitely elevate how your midi-dress complements your body and elevate your entire look. Now, some dresses will come with a belt, but for those that don’t, consider finding a belt to cinch your waist. Of course, the type of belt will depend on your style, what you have in your closet already, and the type of dress itself.

4. A Cross-Body Bag

Finish off your look with a nice cross-bag. While you can definitely get creative with your bag, a solid color bag is best as it cuts across all designs, from neutrals to florals. Plus, you want to look simple while still classy, so avoid a lot of color blocking.

Try These Tips to Style Your Mid-Length Dress Perfectly

Mid-length dresses are a wardrobe staple all year, but especially in the summer and spring. You can achieve different looks from the dress depending on how you style it. If you’re going for a casual, hassle-free stylish look, these four accessories can help you pull it off. Remember, you can still get creative with your midi dress and look great. So, don’t be afraid to experiment.


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