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Get There In Style In A Luxurious Limousine!

Say that the love of your life is flying into town after you have been parted for a year, and you can hardly wait to see each other! It’s a really important occasion because this is the day you will finally go ahead and pop the question and propose at the special dinner you have arranged at the poshest place in town. So, you need to get her from the airport to the restaurant, but how? Call her a cab? Show up in your smelly old car? NO! This is a night where you need to make a big impression, a night where you need to show the depths of your love, a night where you need to create an experience you both will remember and treasure for the rest of your lives! In other words, go get her in a limo, fool! And no, you won’t be driving it!

So, the plane has landed and instead of arriving at the terminal all sweaty from the kilometre long jog from the parking lot, your uniformed and highly proper driver pulls up to the curb in front of baggage claim and you step out of the fine Rolls Royce you have engaged the services of from Astra Limousines, and go in to get your soul mate while your driver waits! Imagine the look of surprise when your love light sees that you have gone to all that trouble, how very thoughtful of you! The always courteous driver will blacken the screen to give you two some time to catch up (and maybe engage in a bit of nooky!) before you pull up like royalty in front of your swanky venue in style! Then, when the dinner is over and the ring is on her hand, he will be waiting to take you to your next destination, the night is young and love is very definitely in the air!

It’s just a fact that limousines represent luxury, wealth, and elegance. The long, stretch limos ensure that their passengers have plenty of room to lay back and have some wild, err, ahem, enjoy relaxing activities in style and comfort in. The mini bar is there so you can enjoy a toast to the town as you cruise about feeling like a million bucks (but don’t worry, they don’t cost that much to rent!).

To inspire you further, here are a few other limo-worthy events to consider:

Your Wedding Day – Obviously! It worked wonders for the engagement, right? So do it again for the wedding! Time for Act Two! Get her to the church in time in such high style all her bridesmaids will blush!

The Honeymoon – Welcome to Act Three, and it’s back to the airport, but this time the tickets are for two and they go to paradise!

The Big Birthday – Celebrate it in style as your limo whisks you away to your party venue! This is beginning to be a habit, don’t let it stop!

Your Anniversary – OK, it’s a tradition now. Your limo driver has you on his frequent dial list. Don’t worry, he knows the way to the Sydney Airport!

Limousines are super fun, so hire one for your next big day!


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