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Get Your Home Ready For The Winter Chill

Winter is here and it’s cold outside! You rush home to warm up, only to find it’s cold inside, too! Considering the high cost of energy these days you don’t want to crank up the thermostat, so what do you do? Spend the day inside wearing your winter coat sitting under a blanket? It’s going to be hard to get anything done that way! Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help keep your home nice and cosy without paying an enormous heating bill.

Upgrade Your Windows – Old fashioned single pane windows leak heat so badly you might as well just leave them open to the winter air. You could hang blankets over them as insulation all winter, but that’s going to cost you any heat you might receive from whatever sunlight there is, and turn your home into a dark, gloomy cave. The best way to solve the problem is to start from scratch and install modern Thermal Double Glazing windows that employcutting-edge uPVC technology specifically designed to keep the cold out and the heat in! You will enjoy a toasty warm home as well as the energy savings this amazing upgrade will bring you.

Install A Programmable Thermostat – You might think these would be standard issue with any modern heating system, but sadly they are not. This handy bit of tech allows you to decide when the heat comes on, what temperature it is, and when it turns off. Set it to turn off when you leave the house in the morning, then come back on half an hour before you get home so you experience a warm welcome upon your return. You can then set it to turn off or to reduce the temperature in the wee hours whilst you are sleeping, then come on again in time for morning coffee in a cosy warm kitchen. Not only will this save you money, it will feel good, too!

Bake Cookies – Find your favourite cookie recipe and warm up the oven. While you are mixing and rolling, the oven is going to make that kitchen toasty warm!

Enjoy a cup of tea while they bake. Then when they’re ready, leave the oven door open a crack to let all that lovely heat out! It won’t save you that much money on heating bills, but it’s a great excuse to make cookies!


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