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Signs That It’s Time To Clean Your Gutters

Even the most diligent homeowner dedicated to maintaining their abode in tip-top shape can sometimes forget an important component of the home that needs regular care- all you have to do is remember to look up! Then ask yourself this question- when was the last time you checked your home’s gutters?

The gutters are there to control the rainwater that lands on your roof, guiding it into a contained stream that goes where you want it to, away from your house! Gutters prevent water runoff from building up around your home, leaking into your foundation, and causing costly water damage. Fortunately, if your gutters have gotten out of hand there is an easy answer, just order up some professional gutter cleaning with Australian Industrial Vacuums that have the power to remove even the most obstinate debris so your gutters can run free! If you aren’t sure when the last time your gutters were cleaned then it’s probably time to do it, but here are some telltale signs to look for:

Gutters Sagging Along The Eaves – If your downspout has become clogged the water will back up in the gutters. Water is heavy, and its weight will make your gutters sag. This will also upset the downward angle they need to allow the water to run, making things even worse! Gutters made of flexible plastic are the most vulnerable to this problem. Heavy, sagging gutters might even begin to pull free from the wall, creating an even worse hazard!

Greenery Growing In Your Gutters – Windborne leaves and dirt washed off your roof by rainfall tend to collect in your gutters, creating a home for the seeds dropped by birds or the wind to thrive. It’s really a perfect medium for seeds to germinate, take root, and grow into your own ersatz version of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! Once you have scooped this mess put of your gutter use it to amend your garden soil.

Stains on the Gutters and Siding – Rainwater is unfortunately no longer a pure substance thanks to pollution. The crystal-clear rainwater of bygone days can now produce a nasty, unsightly stain on your gutters, and once they’re clogged, down your home’s siding. When this happens it’s definitely time to take action before this dirty water can cause expensive damage to your home!

If you haven’t checked your gutters lately, best do it soon!


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