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The Best Back To School Essentials

Is it here already? Yes, it’s time for school to start again! No one ever says they want to go back to school, but secretly they look forward to it, the chance to meet up with old friends and make some new, the start of the new school year is always an exciting time full of hope and maybe a bit of trepidation- will that special someone you had a crush on last year be back this year, and will you finally have the courage to make a move? You are a year older and wiser, maybe you will get the chance! Starting a new school year is also your chance to score some major swag when you do your school shopping! Let’s go over some of the essentials to get you ready for that big first day!

School Bag – Here is a good place to start, after all, you will need something to put all that other stuff in, right? The big bag this year is the Fjallraven Kanken, a simple but stylish design that is sure to come in your favourite colour, with plenty of room for your books and an apple for your teacher! These iconic backpacks hail all the way from Sweden, hence the hard-to-get-around-your-tongue name! First launched in 1978, they are famed for being functional and durable as well as stylish. Plus, they come with a rain guard to keep your homework nice and dry!

The Pencil – Despite the ongoing move toward digital everything, your teacher is still going to make you do your schoolwork with a pencil, they are not going out of style any time soon! When it’s time to fill in those little multiple-choice bubbles on those joyous standardized tests, or for scribbling notes as your teacher drones on and on, or for drawing funny pictures of said teacher to make the kid next to you laugh, you will want to have the best possible pencil in your hand! This year’s choice is the Palomino Golden Bear #2 Pencil in blue (just the outside, the lead is still black!). Made of premium incense cedar, it’s easy to hold, writes with a clear, fluid line, and has a great eraser that can clean up those goofs without tearing up the paper! Is it guaranteed to give you an A grade? That depends on what you write with it!

The Paper – And yes, you will still be writing on paper, maybe even until the middle of this century! Our winning paper notebook is the Midori MD Notebook which features a plain, cream-coloured card-stock cover filled with matte pages marked with light blue ruling. The paper is just right, not too slick, and with a little toothiness that slows down your writing speed just enough to make it picture-perfect! It can handle any kind of ink, but loves the pencil best, and shows very little ghosting on the page back. It even comes with a silky green ribbon bookmark to mark your place when you doze off while you are studying!

Well, those are the basics to get you back in the desk and making those A grades, have a great year!


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