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Some Automotive Technologies That Are Almost Here

The magical automotive future promised by cartoons seemed far-fetched back in the day. After all, it was fantasy at the time with no existing technology to back it up. Let us examine 4 technologies that are going to change the way we interact with and drive our vehicles within just a few years.

1) Multi-view Heads-Up Display

Today, heads-up windshield displays show some pieces of key information to the driver, things like how fast you are going, and what gear you’re in. This reduces your need to take your eyes off the road and look at the instrument panel. The “Super Multi-view Head-ups Display” brings this idea into the future. Think about road warnings, turn-by-turn navigation arrows indicating street names, or your next turn appearing virtually in the distance. Someday you may even be able to drive safely in heavy fog while using a head-up display that is integrated with adaptive cruise control and in-car cameras. Cool stuff!

2) Car-to-Local Object Communications

Using in-car sensors and transmitters integrated into roadside devices, “Connected Cars” will be able to send and get location and speed data to and from each other using communication protocols. The system’s goal is to improve traffic flow, avoid collisions, and alert drivers to upcoming traffic situations. A Car-to-Local Object Communication System has actually gone is rough tests at the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute in a test of well over two thousand connected cars.

3) Self-driving Cars

You have probably heard of this one already courtesy of Google. This is the car that drives itself, thanks to cameras, radar, sensors, lasers, and plenty of computer science magic. There are many pictures of Google Autonomous cars being tested on the internet. Those of us who enjoy driving may be thinking, “Hold on. Why would I ever hand the wheel to a computer?” One answer comes from how, in theory, autonomous cars and truck fleets could dramatically reduce vehicle accidents and traffic. That’s hard to argue against. The other answer is that autonomous cars could be wonderful for the daily commute. You could literally work while your vehicle drives you to work.

4) Nationwide Quick-Charge Networks

One popular “Why-I-wouldn’t-buy-an-EV” excuse is “How will I take a road trip? I need somewhere to charge along the way!” Enter the automakers to design and build the filling stations of the future. Nissan, the maker of the well-liked Leaf EV, has announced that they’re partnering with quick-charge provider Car Charging to add 48 chargers in California and some spots on the East Coast. Many more quick-chargers have been installed in a few states under a pair of federal-private programs operated by Ecotality and Charge Point. As others jump on board, it is not crazy to expect that before long you’ll be able to drive an EV cross-country.

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Today the fantasies discussed above are arriving closer to fruition. In fact, some are just a few years away!


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