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10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World Listed

Poorly laid roads and narrow roads that are failing to meet the demands of growing population is the one of the major causes responsible for road accidents. Death rate due to road accidents is increasing at an alarming rate. To curtail this all governments across the globe should take appropriate action to improve road safety. If you are out on a world tour then knowledge about most dangerous roads across the globe would be of great help to take necessary precautionary steps.

1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

Credit: wikimedia

Drive on this road situated in Italian Alps will definitely feast your eyes. But, even slight negligence or fast driving can take your life. This road that is totally haphazard includes ups and downs that are very steep. Hence, one should drive at a very low speed on this road.

2. Los Caracoles Pass, Chile

This road with steep bends that extends through the Andes between Los Andes in Chile and Uspallata in Argentina is very frightening to drive. The high elevation of about 3,176 and traffic of fully loaded Lorries makes the road even more dangerous to drive. It is recommended to go by air than driving on this road.

3. Coast roads, Croatia

Credit: oanababy

This road with sharp bends, blind corners, crowd and speed driving is given a death rating of 5/10. Lack of safety barriers at the points where the sharp bends cling to the cliff side is one other cause for high number of traffic accidents on this road.

4. Widow-maker road, United Kingdom

This road that passes through Peak District of England and with death rating of 6/10 is the most dangerous road in United Kingdom. About 34 fatal accidents took place on that road during a span of just two years from 2006 to 2008. This being a beautiful location with scenic beauty attracts motorcyclists for a long drive. Stone walls and steep bends make the road more dangerous and hence, termed as the Widow Maker.

5. Guoliang Tunnel, China

This tunnel with death rating of 6/10 was constructed totally in the Taihang Mountains of Henan province, China. Tunnel that is four meters wide and five meters high is deadly for new drivers.

6. Zoji Pass, India

Credit: Harshad Sharma

This 9 kilometer mountain road between Kashmir and Ladakh connects Ladakh to the surrounding world. Zoji Pass without any barriers on the cliff face is very risky to drive. If you are fear of heights then avoid driving on this road.  It has high death rating of 7/10.

7. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

Credit: Shaun D Metcalfe

This road nicknamed as Friendship highway built at an altitude of 4,693 connects China and Pakistan. The Highway is at risk of floods and landslides making it risky to drive. However, the gorgeous looking scenery along the road brings the attention of tourists.

8. Trollstigen, Norway

Credit: wikimedia

This mountain road situated in Rauma, Norway is renowned for its panoramic view. From the top of the mountain one can enjoy the view of the narrow road with sharp bends and hairpin bends. Being an accident prone road, vehicles longer than 12.4 meters are not allowed on this road.

9. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

This road with steep climbs and drops and pot holes is very dangerous to drive. The holes give very less grip to the vehicles. It is even devoid of railsor that prevents vehicles from going over. It is extremely dangerous during night as it is hard to find the edges of the road.

10. Skippers Road, New Zealand

Credit: Jen_Crothers

This narrow road with wind is very hard for the vehicles to pass simultaneously in either direction. Lack of quad rails increases the risk even more.

Apart from improving the condition of these dangerous roads it is also essential for the public to cultivate safe driving habits. Stringent traffic rules should be framed and public should be made to follow them strictly.



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