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Why Use Battery Operated Lights During Power Outages?

Over the past few decades, electricity blackouts in U.S. have skyrocketed, making it more important for homeowners to have backup systems in place if their lights go off.

In such situations, battery operated lights can detect a power outage and automatically send a signal to switch on the lights installed. Hence, as you can see, the significance of battery operated lighting systems can not be denied during power outages.

During a power outage, you are simply unable to do anything. With the increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters, it is time to be prepared for the worst. In recent years, thanks to LED technology, rechargable battery operated lighting solutions have gotten smaller and more effective. They no longer depend on costly disposable batteries to operate.

There are many reasons why you need to have emergency lights on during a power outage at your home or business. Explore below the top reasons to use battery operated lights!

Safety at Home

Switching to battery operated lights helps you keep your family safe from fires, personal injuries and other dangers. Additionally, battery operated lights will significantly reduce your home’s electric bill and bulb replacement costs. Meaning that you save energy and money, enhance sanitation, make life easier and, of course, increase your home’s security. Battery operated lights come with a built-in battery that provides power when your home does not have any running electricity. It’s priceless during storms, blackouts, and other disasters. Never be in the dark again!

Senior Safety

Seniors are at an increased risk during power outages. Most seniors simply want to live comfortably and secure in their own homes.

Poor lighting, particularly in the case of a power outage, is a hurdle that must be overcome. Battery operated LED lights help to decrease the risk of falling and accidents at home during power failures. With battery operated lights, simply flip the existing light switch, seniors no longer need to be afraid of being in the dark during a blackout.

Improves Employee Productivity

The overall success of your company relies largely on your employees and on their ability to create quality work on time. Companies are always looking for a way to boost productivity at the workplace, but did you know that it could be as simple as changing your light bulbs? Switching to battery operated LED lighting at your workplace can make your workforce safer, healthier, and more efficient. It can significantly enhance your employees’ productivity and morale.

Customer Safety

You are doing your best to keep your business up and running, but what if a power outage occurs? Are you going to shut down your store or business just because there are no lights? Will your precious customers be safe during such a situation? Seeing your store dark can leave a bad impression. As with most safety features, you may not fully appreciate emergency lighting until you need it!

Proper lighting can help illuminate places that may cause customers to slip and fall. Steps or other dangerous places prone to accidents may be hidden in the darkness or shadows. So, installing battery operated lights in your store or workplace can help you run your store during power outages, and keep it safe for your customers.

Battery operated LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional incandescent light bulbs. It can cost you up to triple as much to run incandescent lights as it would to run LED bulbs 12 hours a day for 30 days. Emergency preparedness is a necessity. Having the right battery operated lights is one of the most basic, safer and easiest things to do.

Hope this article has helped you in your research for the battery powered LED lights. There is a vast range of battery operated LED lights out there. It pays to get expert advice about the right LED bulb to achieve the outcome you’re looking for. So, never get caught in the dark again!


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