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Used Cars Pros and Cons

Buying used cars is a double edged sword or you can say it is two parts of the same coin. This is because buying used cars has its own set of pros and cons. If you feel that the pros are more than the cons then you can think of buying a used car. However see to it that all general pros work in your favour. We will have a look at the pros first.

The most obvious pro of buying a used car is that you can get it at a depreciated value. This way you can save a few thousand dollars in the process. You will see marked depreciation after the car has passed the 2 year mark. So you can have a look at models that are more than 2 years old. You can get a fairly good car at a good price if you ask your friends or relatives to sell you one. Since you are buying the car from a trusted source, you are assured of getting a good car. Just take a look at Annville Auto Center near Harrisburg.

Another benefit of a used car is the extended warranty in case the car is certified. Many cars are sent to the manufacturer in case they are under warranty. They are thoroughly checked and repairs are done for free. Hence you get a car which is as good as new. Since you get to buy the car for a low budget, you can spend some money on buying extra accessories.

Buying a second hand car has its fair share of cons. The obvious con is that you don’t know much about the history of the vehicle. You can ask the seller but the seller will not be too forthcoming if the car has defects. Some sellers may not even tell you facts such as the car has met with an accident in the past or the engine had to go for a total overhaul. Same is the case with car dealers who hide defects in the car or replace original parts with cheap versions. Another disadvantage is that you may have to pay the full amount in cash. Loan and instalments options are not encouraged by banks in case of purchasing used cars.

The other con is that you may have to add necessary accessories after buying the car as these might be missing in the old car. The dealer normally washes off his hands and responsibility once he sells the car to you. He will not be of much help if problems arise after the sale is done.


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