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Upgrade Your Business Card With These Small Changes!

Nowadays, you’ll find unlimited options to grow your business to a wider audience. Businesses can prosper in just a few months, from social media marketing to other strategies.

However, the old-age trick of distributing business cards still stands strong today. You create new connections when physically distributing a card to a potential client or partner. But simply printing cards isn’t enough; you must think of ways to make them look amazing.

Studies say that 39% of people don’t wish to collaborate with businesses that have unappealing cards. So, what are some of the sure-shot ways to elevate your business card game? Don’t worry; this article is here to help!

1. Play With Different Textures

Opt for textures if you want something bold but don’t want to experiment too much.

For example, if you have a clothing store, you can print textile or soft cotton textures on the cards.

On the other hand, if your store promotes sustainability and ethics, then eco-friendly or soft textures will look great on a green palette.

Even if you choose a slightly expensive texture, your customers will appreciate the card’s look, feel, and quality.

2. Use Unique Taglines

Many business people might not have much to put on their cards, especially if they’re running a startup in its initial stage.

Don’t hesitate to add unique quotes or taglines if you’re one of them. Not only will a good tagline catch the reader’s eye, but it will also make them want to read more.

For example, even a simple “Hello!” and a short quote about your business will be enough.

You can print your logo on one side of the card, along with the business address and contact details. On the back side, put a quirky cartoon with a creative phrase.

3. Choose The Right Colors

Customers are much more likely to keep colored business cards with them than conventional monochromatic ones.

Colors make your business cards stand out among those of other companies. However, it’s important to choose the right kind of color palette.

For example, you don’t want to choose a palette with only bright neon colors. Otherwise, it will make it impossible for your customers to read anything.

Depending on the kind of company you run, you can choose your colors wisely, such as selecting soft pastels for a daycare or baby creche.

4. Try Metal Cards

If you want to walk the extra mile and have enough funds, nothing compares to a metal-based custom business card.

Metal business cards are not just eco-friendly and cost-effective but will also guarantee a great first impression.

You can equip these cards with a digital NFC chip as well. When the receiver taps it against their smartphone, the card automatically redirects them to your company website.

Metal NFC cards are a great way to share information, especially since paper-based cards can hold only a limited amount of writing.

5. Print Transparent Cards

Yes, you heard that right! If you’re uncomfortable with traditional paper cards or expensive metal ones, try out transparent business cards!

A card made out of transparent plastic is sure to catch the receiver’s eye. Moreover, they can be a metaphor for your company’s transparency to its clients, thereby winning their loyalty.

For example, if you run a film or printing store, you can distribute cards similar to a viewfinder or camera lens. Keep the body of the card transparent and include company information on the sides.

6. Include Hand-Drawn Designs

While it’s great to include corporate-style logos or designs on your cards, it’s also important to remember your business’s true mission.

After all, you just wish to reach out to others and help them buy useful products or services.

Therefore, including hand-drawn doodles or artwork can create a great impact in the minds of your clients.

And this holds especially true if you run a baby clothing store or a business related to kids. When you put your artistry and creation into your cards, your customers will surely take notice.

7. Add Pop Designs

Both pop-up and pop-out designs are becoming increasingly common in business cards. They make the cards look trendy, especially if your target customer base is teenagers or young adults.

Many businesses even include stickers in their pop-up textures. If your business has an attractive logo, you can make it stand out in a pop-out form or convert it into a sticker.

But in this case, make sure to add the contact information on the non-adhesive part so that people don’t peel off the sticker and lose your company address or phone number.


Dear reader, these are some amazing ways to make your business cards turn heads. So don’t wait anymore. Contact your nearest custom card designer today!


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