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Top tips for a family vacation to the Middle East

Few places on earth offer as much diversity, as rich a culture and history, or such hospitable locals as you’ll find in the Middle East. You are free to roam the deserts, scale mountains, hike through hills, splash in the surf on a sandy beach, and explore vibrant cities, as well as sampling culinary delights that never quite taste the same in your home country. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is a particularly wonderful destination to visit, offering a bustling metropolis, futuristic architecture, and an abundance of theme parks, water attractions, and retail outlets; if you’ve never visited the Middle East before, this Westernized haven may be a good place to start. Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt is also incredibly popular with tourists, and you’re likely to enjoy scuba diving, swimming, venturing out to see the pyramids, and traditional entertainment from the safety of your resort. If you’d like a little more culture, be prepared to discover Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in Israel, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, or Cairo in Egypt.

There are a number of cultural differences and customs that you should be aware of, including the types of clothing you may, or may not, wear in public; the food and drink that will be readily available; the roles of men, women, and children in society; and religious ceremonies that will be conducted during your stay. Islam is commonly followed across the Middle East, and you’d do well to familiarize yourself with its laws and customs. This will ensure a peaceful relationship between the East and West, as well as making your trip stress-free. It’s also a wonderful idea to introduce your children to other cultures, helping them to experience such riches in a safe and enjoyable way.

The inspirational Middle East

Despite popular belief, it is perfectly possible to enjoy a safe, relaxing family break in the Middle East. Tourism is steadily growing across Israel, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, and elsewhere in the region. Ensure you research your vacation destination thoroughly, stick to areas recommended by your tour operator, and always tell somebody at your accommodation of your plans.

The Middle East is also a strong area for business and developing economies, making it a great destination for anybody considering purchasing a vacation property. With particularly strong ties to Dubai, Mr Mohammad Najib Mikati, co-founder of M1 Group, and the former Lebanese Prime Minister, is just one example of a successful Middle Eastern businessman, inspiring change in a steadily developing financial climate. Now, more than ever, the Middle East is enjoying strong trade links with the West, as well as a burgeoning real estate market. M1 Group is especially renowned for its real estate expertise, and so Mr Mikati is a fantastic person to seek out.

With its dazzling destinations, rich culture and history, and colorful landscapes, the Middle East is fast gaining a reputation as one of the world’s best family vacation spots; after all, where else could you and your children experience such diversity and fun? Remember to plan ahead, conduct your research, and listen to the experts. You’re in for a wonderful vacation.


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