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Top 6 Free WP Image Gallery Plugins that Allow You to Do More With Website Images

A picture can say a thousand words and therefore most website owners today make sure that they have the right plugins that can allow them to showcase their pictures and videos in the right way. It is important that you choose the right plugins that allows you to showcase the pictures and videos the way you want it that enhances the overall browsing experience on your website.

Here are the top 6 WordPress plugins that you should use if you have an image gallery on your site.


Fully responsive and advanced plug-in that provides you with better tools and options to add and edit images for different views as per your convenience. It allows you to view thumbnails and create slideshow. It also provides other options like creating compact album and extended album and even blog style picture album.

Huge-IT Image Gallery

Image Gallery plugin allows you to do more with the original website and add and edit pictures to suit different blog and website styles. It offers unique customizable options to change the text color and font. It also allows you to view the pictures in different views to enhance the website browsing experience.

NextGen Gallery

With 10 million downloads, NextGen Gallery plugin is the most widely used free image gallery plugin. It offers centralized gallery management option to edit images as per requirements. It also offers Thumbnail management and watermarking option and allows you to create albums in the right way.

Envira Gallery Lite

It is the easiest and fastest free image gallery plugin to download that allows you to create galleries, edit it and import and export it wherever you want. Hence, it makes the entire album creation and editing process simpler and efficient.

WP Gallery Bank

It is an enhanced tool for creating beautiful image galleries in WordPress. It has more than 200 features and it provides a powerful engine to upload and manage galleries. The plugin also allows you to edit and re-arrange and sort images to create your website as per modern web design trends.

Page Flip Image Gallery

Make your website images look better with Page Flip image gallery plugin. It supports new tablets and smartphones and also provides right to left publications. It offers wide range of features like pop up image gallery, zoom, better navigation bar, full screen mode and various uploading features.


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