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Top 15 Free Classified Ads Sites Where It Is Not A Waste Of Your Time To Post Your Ad

There are multiple ways to drive traffic to your website. One such way is to promote the website by posting ads in free classified ads sites. There are a number of classified ads sites allowing you to post ads for free. But, majority of them are not safe to use as they either do not receive heavy traffic or they are full of spam. If you choose a spam hit site to post your ads then the users will be in trouble and it will create a negative opinion about the product. Hence, one should be very careful in choosing the free classified ads sites.  To ease your selection here is a list of top 15 free classified ads sites that are worth discussing.

1.    Craigslist.org: This is the best site for posting ads for free. It is not restricted to any one particular country or field. They operate all over the world, in every country and all major places within a country. You can find n number of ads at this site related to cars, house, jobs and much more.

2.    Backpage.com: This site stands next to craigslist.org. In fact, this site gained momentum after Craigslist.org took down their erotic ads section due to some legal problems. It successfully handled the erotic ads section that was taken down by Craigslist.

3.    Gumtree.com: The name of this site doesn’t sound very interesting. But, it has successfully secured top position in the list of free classified ads sites. This is a very busy site attracting huge traffic. However, Gumtree mainly concentrates on UK ads.

4.    Inetgiant.com: It is very much concerned towards environment and its commitment is also seen in their ads. It focuses mainly on ads related to green products. Ads that are posted in their board will be translated in to other languages too.

5.    USfreeads.com: This free classified ads site concentrates mainly on US ads. If you are a pet lover, then visit this site to post any of your pet related ads or to find similar information. It even offers great business opportunities.

6.    Classifiedads.com:  There are products that are restricted to only English speaking countries such as US, UK, India and AU. Posting ads related to such products at sites concentrating on non-English speaking countries will not fetch traffic to your website. Classifiedads.com is one website that is dedicated to US, UK, AU and India.

7.    adlandpro.com: This is an interesting website concentrating on internet marketing, website promotion and business opportunities. It works across the globe.

8.    Salespider.com: This website that concentrates on multiple aspects has classified sites as a part of it.  It is renowned for offering wonderful tools for online businesses that would definitely fetch you great earnings by improving the business. It also has forums and sell leads.

9.    Yakaz.com: this is a unique free classified ads site that directs your ad posting according to the ip address. For example, if your ip address is from China then it directs your ads accordingly. It is very helpful for sale of local products.

10.    Domesticsale.com: This website also serves business needs of specific dealers such as car dealers and other heavy businesses. It allows you to post long listings. But, the sad part is Domesticsale is only a US classified ads site.

11.    Pennysaverusa.com/classifieds/usa/index.html: This website is the online version of the newspaper old penny saver. This newspaper was once a very popular website with numerous discount deals and classified ads.

12.    epage.com: This site which is operating since 1994 is older than Google. It is similar to USfreeads.com except that it does not concentrate much on business opportunities. epage.com is offering an affiliate program that has a huge number of affiliates around 34,000. So, if you post your free classified ads here then it will be transferred to nearly 30,000 sites as a feed. So, this can be said as a best site to increase your exposure.

13.    Hoobly.com: This is a well organized site that is not cluttered. It looks clean with only ads. This unique design helped hoobly.com to attract more traffic. Nearly 15,000 users accepted that they like this site.

14.    Freeadlists.com: This is an US based classified site operating across the world. They take care of everything cars, personal and even the pets.

15.    Sell.com: This site has been in the market since 1999. Use of this site by business giants such as AT &T’s yellowpages.com, sellhomes.com and newspapers such as San Francisco Chronicle reveals the popularity of the site. Post your ad at this site then it would be run on many other sites simultaneously.

Consider using these free classified ads sites with good Alexa rating to post your ads and you will definitely start to receive heavy traffic to your website. Posting free classified ads at these sites will definitely be not a waste of your time.


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