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Pastel Paradise: Tips to Incorporate Soft Tones in Your Property

Well, who doesn’t like the idea of transforming their space into a pastel paradise with hues of pink and blues and many more colors that create a beautiful serene environment? Your home is your cozy haven, where you feel all relaxed and just calm down after a long day. So, it’s really important for your place to also look calm and relaxed, so that you can fully indulge in that calming energy.

Colors have a significant impact on our moods and if your place doesn’t have calmer and serene colors then most likely you won’t feel as relaxed in your place. So, you must choose colors that don’t only make you happy but also contribute to the relaxing vibe you’re trying to create in your home. And what’s better than calming and beautiful pastel shades to elevate your place both aesthetically and from a relaxation point of view?

Besides the aesthetics, the houses that look extraordinarily beautiful and enchanting do have the potential to increase in their market value, say the experts at Oakland property management. So, now you have two reasons to invest some time in your home makeover.

So, in this article, we’ll share some expert-loved tips to help you incorporate those soft pastel tones into your house and turn it into a calming and aesthetic haven. Let’s dive into the pastel paradise!

Five Essential Expert-Loved Tips to Create a Pastel Paradise

Pastel Paradise

1. Embrace Light and Airy Furnishings

The easiest way to incorporate pastel shades into your home is through pastel-colored furniture and decor items. Through furniture and decor items, you can also consider incorporating some trendy pastel things into your house just for the sake of looking trendy, as you can easily replace them later. So, look for that cool yeti pastel sofa, some elegant chairs, or maybe even plush cushions for your living room. All these things won’t just add that pastel vibe but also make your space look brighter and open. Houses that look brighter and more spacious tend to increase their market value quite easily, say the experts at property management San Francisco.

Did you know?
The median sale price of a decent house in Oakland was $748K in February which is 8.0% higher since last year.

2. Create Accent Walls with Subtle Pastel Shades

The best way to introduce those alluring pastel shades in your house is by creating accent walls. Accent walls aren’t only great for adding an appealing visual focal point in your space but they’re also great for injecting some personality into your room. So, go for those calming mint green, serene blue, or lovely blush pink tones to create those accent walls. This way you can easily create a pastel paradise without overwhelming the whole place.

3. Use Natural Elements to Complement Pastels

To truly bring that calming and aesthetic pastel paradise into your home, you can consider bringing some natural elements into your decor. This way you can have the calming vibe of pastel and the grounding and serene vibe of natural elements in your house. To do so, you consider mixing and matching earthy tones like muted greens or browns with pastel hues to create a well-rounded and cohesive look.

Did you know?

The sale price for an 875 sq. ft. house in San Francisco, CA is $1,099,000.

4. Mix and Match Pastel Colors

One of the beauties of pastel shades is that you can easily mix and match different pastel color shades and achieve a well-coordinated and organized look. All these colors look pretty versatile and compatible with each other which also adds to their aesthetic appeal. So, feel free to explore and experiment with different color matches and see which one vibes the best with you and your house. For instance, you can play around by mixing soft lavender with mint green or maybe baby blue with peach to create a lovely, serene, and cohesive environment.

5. Incorporate Pastel Accessories

Another easy way to incorporate pastel shades into your house is through pastel-colored accessories. These accessories would act as subtle but impactful ways to bring the pastel paradise to your home. From pastel-colored blankets and decorative vases to small furniture pieces like an ottoman, you can play around with different decorative items and see which ones you like the most. You can also consider adding a huge pastel-hued rug in your place to tie the whole look together. This way you can easily add that calm and serene vibe of pastels to your home without committing to a full-color overhaul.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Some expert-loved tips to create a pastel paradise in your home. Using the above-shared tips, you can easily make your house an aesthetic and calming haven — a place where you can truly relax and wind down. Besides having a calm and serene place to relax, this simple makeover can also help you elevate the market value of your home. So, it’s a win-win situation for you!


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