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What is RIP.IE? Death notices in CORK & DUBLIN

Rip.ie Introduction:

RIP.ie is an Irish tribute site devoted to distributing demise sees in Ireland. The site permits memorial service chiefs to post passing notifications on the site without extra expenses to the family. It was established in 2005 & Starting in 2021, the site gets roughly 250,000 visits each day and in excess of 50 million pages are seen every month. 2019 records show net resources of over €1 million.

Rip.ie has become one of the most amazing known sites in Ireland. It charges itself as taking special care of “end of life matters”. It contains a help registry, which records memorial service chiefs, flower vendors, and cooks, among others, by region. There’s a web-based shop from which you can buy manually written compassion cards. One of the site’s most famous assets is a post containing the verses to Christie Hennessy’s Remember Me, a melody regularly performed at burial services.

The site’s primary selling point, nonetheless, is that its capacities as an all-in-one resource for death take note. No longer does one need to tune into nearby radio to hear who has passed on. Presently you can visit rip.ie whenever of day and fulfill your excessive inquisitiveness by fishing through death sees from everywhere of the island. So, it’s the ideal informal organization for a country fixated on whether bodies resemble themselves.

History of Rip.ie

Jay and Dympna Coleman are the founders of RIP.ie website in 2005

The site contains a help directory, which records burial service chiefs, flower vendors, and caterers. It likewise contains an internet-based shop selling written by hand compassion cards.

Limitations on memorial service attendances because of the COVID-19 pandemic saw an enormous expansion in web-based sympathies.

The Central Statistics Office involved RIP.ie attempting to register overflow mortality from March to September 2020, in a survey, it conveyed in November 2020.

Business visionary Mike Feerick has put forth a defense to 20% of the proposals in the association. Feerick had a business relationship with the Colemans from 2007 to 2010, which was finished by the Colemans.

Legitimate correspondence over the case finished in 2011 however reemerged in 2021 when RIP.ie was accounted for to be available for up to €5 million.

Living in Cork

If you are living in the city of cork you just need to type the term rip, Cork, on google and you will get all the sites that offer obituary services in cork.

Living in Dublin

If you are living in the city of Dublin you just need to type the term rip Dublin on google and you will get all the sites that offer obituary services in Dublin.


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