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How To Revamp Your Swimwear Collection

Upgrading your swim collection is always the goal. With changes in styles happening so rapidly, you want to do all you can to keep up. Switching up your swim style can be challenging while factoring in the styles you need to feel comfortable by the water.

We come in unique shapes and sizes and require individualized swimsuits to feel and look our best. With that said, there are tons of ways to upgrade your swimwear without making drastic changes. All it takes is a little thought into the swimwear looks that you like the best, and soon enough, you’ll be swimming in ideas for new swimsuit looks.

To help you get started in this creative process, we discuss some suggestions for revamping your swimsuit collection. By factoring in the following recommendations and a willingness to try new looks, you’ll find many different swimsuits you can rock. Continue reading for swimsuit inspiration from retailers like Gone Bananas Beachwear so you can revamp your collection with the swimwear that suits you.

Wear A Halter Bathing Suit Top

If your go-to is a bandeau, consider adding a new style to revamp your swimwear collection. Halter-style tops are flattering as they tie behind the neck, giving an exposed and flattering neckline for every shape. You also benefit from the added support of the top, providing you with the confidence you need to move freely in your suit as you splash in the water.

Try A One Shoulder Top

Dare to be different with your swimwear. Opt for a one-shoulder top. This choice provides added breathability so you can stay relaxed and comfortable while spending time outside. For a fun addition, look for one-shoulder tops with unique designs, such as botanical neon prints or tropical floral designs.

Upgrade Your Swimwear With Minimal Coverage Options

Dare to bear it all with minimal coverage bottoms as a swimsuit change. Cheeky bikini bottoms have limited coverage so that you can stay cool and comfortable while outdoors. These go best with similar tops like a triangle or push-up style swimsuit tops. Consider these choices if you want to revamp your swimsuit with some sensual appeal.

Consider Full-Coverage Bottoms

If showing extra skin isn’t your style, then full-coverage bottoms are your go-to choices. These bathing suit bottoms are supportive and will keep you warm enough on colder days. They also pair well with every top, including underwire and bralette-style swimwear tops. You can even wear a tankini with them and look fabulous.

Choose A Different Vibe

Revamp your swimwear collection with new colors and styles you don’t usually choose. Go bold with red tones, or try a neutral grey, black, or white style for something sophisticated. As long as you feel refreshed and revamped, you’re sporting your swimsuit right with the changes you make to your style.

Style Your Suit Your Way

Switch up your swimwear collection with new styles and colors. Review the above suggestions for inspiration and find the suits that are the most appealing to you. Happy styling!


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