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Know About 8 Best summer trips of 2012

Summer is the best time for long trips. But where to plan is the big question that troubles everyone’s mind. It would be even tougher if you are planning a family trip. The place you choose should be of fun to both adults and kids. There are many great places on this planet that are worth visiting during summer. Here is a list of places offering various events to boost your adrenaline and are considered best summer trips of 2012.

1.    London: In view of organizing the Olympic Games London is being transformed to make it attractive for the visitors. London’s East will be offering the best. However, the rest of the city will also be very wonderful. Enjoy watching tall ships passing beneath the fabulous Tower Bridge. In fact, it would be best place to meet people from different nations, creed and color.

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2.    Koh Lipe, Thailand: This place in Thailand is a paradise of islands. The glittering waters and beautiful spotless reefs surrounding the islands make it look even more beautiful. One can reach Koh Lipe only by boat. You can find world famous tropical fish species in protected waters around the beautiful island.

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3.    Muscat: Oman is in the process of rejuvenating all its places including the museums and resorts. Muscat with luxurious resorts, many cultural events and water activities stands in the list of best summer trips. You can find Qurum’s cool designer outlets, crazy water sports along the coastline and Old Town malls. People of Muscat are good at receiving visitors and their hospitality will let you bag good memories.

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4.    Bangalore: This is one of the best summer trips that can be planned in South Asia. Bangalore, the glorious South Indian metropolitan city is the center for good art, music and wonderful cuisines. The city is being made even more exciting. Use the cities high speed Metro rail service to visit all the places to avoid being stuck in heavy traffic.

Credit: wikimedia

5.    Helsinki, Finland: This place has so much to offer to its visitors. It’s physical and natural beauty would definitely make you feel to be in a paradise. Helsinki with numerous churches such as Lutheran Cathedral, Teppeliaukion church is particularly a best place to visit for lovers of architecture and history. Apart from great architectures it is also a home for beautiful beaches such as the Hietaniemi beach.

Credit: wikimedia

6.    Myanmar, Burma: This place with historic locations such as Shwedagon Pagoda that dates back to 2,500 years is nicknamed as “Golden Land”. In fact, it is the oldest and also the largest golden monument in the world. The city is also filled with adventures. You can enjoy a pleasant ride in the Ayeyarwaddy River and a thrilling ride in hot air balloon across the City of Bagan.

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7.    Darwin, Australia: This is also one of the places for best summer trips offering beautiful and amazing scenes of sunset every evening. Even the locals love to visit the Mindil beach everyday to see the magnificent beauty of nature. Other places that are worth visiting at this place include the Crocodylus Park and Litchfield National Park. If you love swimming then definitely visit Litchfield National Park to enjoy a unique swimming experience.

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8.    Maui, Hawaii: The island of Maui is a great choice for your summer vacation destination. There are Maui Rentals all over the island that would be suitable for your family during your stay. There are tons of outdoor and indoor activities for both adults and children, such as hiking, surfing, snorkeling, and museums. The beautiful beaches and scenery are one of the greatest attractions of the island.


In view of the unlimited joy one can enjoy at these places it is essential for you to plan the trip well ahead. For best summer trips that are comfortable make all arrangements such as booking tickets, hotels and packing to avoid last minute disappointments.


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