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Iceland & the Northern Lights: How to do your trip right?

Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland attracts millions of tourists every year. Although Iceland is actually the least populated country in Europe. This means that the country offers vast open spaces providing landscapes of untouched beauty. It is thought of as a peaceful nation with friendly people occupating it. You will find an impressive 130 volcanoes in Iceland. According to Learnz, “Iceland is among the most volcanically active places in the world, with roughly one eruption every five years

Despite this, this does not mean that Iceland is an unsafe place to visit. As long as you are prepared for weather cautions, and potential hazards on your trip, you should be just fine! Iceland has measures in place ready to respond if an eruption was to occur. These hazards should not take away from the magical beauty Iceland has on offer for tourists.

If you’re thinking of coming to Iceland, then there are four places you should consider exploring on your visit. Let’s delve into four places in Iceland that absolutely cannot be missed on your trip to Iceland.


As the world’s northernmost capital, Reykjavik is an absolute must on your trip to Iceland. Just less than one hour from Reykjavik is the world-famous Blue Lagoon, a picturesque man-made geothermally heated spa, one of Iceland’s top attractions. There are also various other geothermal energy-heated pools around the city to swim in. Whale spotting is also a must for your trip to Reykjavik. Around Reykjavik, there are 23 types of whales which can be spotted.


Siglufjodor is a little fishing town on the northern coast of Iceland. It is the perfect location for Northern Lights watching! The town is one of the most snow-heavy locations in Iceland, so makes an exciting winter holiday. The mountains and the fjords are incredible to witness. You’ll feel close to nature as you hike, play golf, swim in the ocean or even go skiing.


Only home to just over 2000 people, Husavik is known as the whale-watching capital of Iceland.

The most famous landmark of the town is the wooden church Husavikurkirkja which has stood since 1907. A recent Eurovision Netflix film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga which starred Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams has put the town on the map, attracting more tourists.


Found on the eastern coast of Iceland, Djupviogur is a little town with a population of only 600 people. The town provides stunning natural surroundings and is rich in Icelandic culture. A unique feature of the town which makes it so special is the elongated rock formations which run in the north to south direction. These rock formations were formed from volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

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