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How to Get Rid of a Junk Car Correctly

When a car owner has a junk car or salvage title car to get rid of, they may find that doing so is not as easy as first thought. That’s because various jurisdictions and municipalities have rules and regulations about how junk cars can be disposed of. Ideally, finding a buyer is the best situation because the purchasing party essentially takes on the responsibility of what to do with the vehicle. However, most used car buyers prefer a car that is running and can move on its own. Cars that have serious mechanical issues or just a junk frame missing key parts are normally passed over. That leaves the owners with a big mess that they can’t just throw in the garbage can or take to the dump. Here is why.

Junk Cars

Hazardous Materials Rules

Most communities and counties have rules with regard to dealing with hazardous waste. Hazardous material can be anything that poses a chemical threat to people, animals or the environment. Cars are built with a number of materials and fluids that easily register as hazardous material when not handled correctly. A junk car can often be a serious problem because of its size as well as what’s contained in various tanks. As a result, just hauling the vehicle off to a dump is unlikely to happen; the car will be rejected at the gate, and the owner will have to go back home with it after spending money on a tow truck or hauler.

Proper Disposal Expected

All licensed car dismantlers have gone through licensing and training on how to dispose of hazardous materials correctly. Anyone who spills hazardous material into an area, even private property, can be held civilly and criminally liable for the damage. Furthermore, not knowing the law is no excuse. The courts have no patience for parties that say they were just ignorant of the rules.

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There is a Viable Solution

However, all hope is not lost when it comes to removing a junk car. Companies such as WeBuyCars.com are a fast way to remove a junk car and actually produce some cash in hand for the effort involved. They buy junk cars on a regular basis, regardless of condition, and also take care of the removal process as well. Once a quote is established by phone or online, and an appointment is set with a location for pickup, representatives from the company will arrive at the address, load up the junk car, and provide a payment on the spot for the vehicle. The car seller has then removed the junk car completely without having to worry about how to dismantle it properly and dispose of the related components. The process is probably one of the best, easiest ways a private car owner can deal with a junk car problem quickly and correctly.

So if your property has a junk car problem, don’t try to deal with the problem yourself. That might end up being a quick way to a bigger headache. Rely on a reputable company to help solve the problem correctly the first time, removing the vehicle entirely for a cash payment.
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