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5 Health Hacks for 21st-Century Urban Living

We are living in a fast-paced society here in the United States and for many hard-working folk, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be very challenging. Living in a concrete jungle, stuck in the rush hour traffic, trying not to inhale the pollution, as we chase the dollar to put food on the table; when we finally arrive home, we’re usually too tired to do much more than shower, eat and watch a movie on Netflix.

Here are a few cool health hacks to help you create a healthier lifestyle.

1. Order fresh fruit & vegetables online

There are small organic farms all over the US, family-owned businesses that sell their fresh produce via their website. Place a single order every week and keep everything in the cooler; most offer free delivery over $20, which saves you some money.

2. Water conditioner

We cannot trust mains water, which could contain harmful toxins; but there are efficient water conditioning systems that filter out all the elements, leaving 100% pure water. Changing Kinetico replacement filters is easy enough and for a small investment, you and your family can enjoy pure water.

3. Mental Health

Stress causes disease and in these troubled times, depression is a real thing for many; the pandemic caused so many Americans to lose their employment and suicide is rising in every state. We recommend taking up yoga and meditation, which brings with it a calmer disposition and it can help to reduce stress and eliminate worry. There are free counselling services online if you need to talk to someone and make sure you spend some quality me-time, doing something you love.

4. Coconut oil

This is a wonder of nature and adding a few tablespoons to your bath water is a great idea. Once you have bathed, massage coconut oil into your skin and hair and leave it to seep into your pores. Swishing coconut oil in your mouth after brushing is also good for oral health.

5. Seek out nature

Weekends should be spent in National Parks, immersing yourself in nature, breathing in the fresh air and leaving all your worries at the office, where they belong. Camping is a great way to spend your downtime and there are some amazing venues wherever you happen to be in the US.

All of the above will have a positive impact on your lifestyle; monitor your overall health & well-being and address any issues that might arise.


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