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Super Silly Season? Why Clean Your Septic Tank After Summer

The Aussie Silly Season is a blast. December through to January is a time of great revelry, where regular barbies are thrown and family comes to stay from all corners of the country. It’s when we finally get the time to unwind and relax under the great Aussie sunshine.

But if your home is always the centrepiece of Silly Season celebrations then we’ve got news for you: you’re going to want to get your septic tank cleaned. You know exactly what we mean: the influx of houseguests means an increase in people passing through the loo as well as using a lot more of your home’s water.

But they’re just two reasons why you need your system cleaned after an extra-Silly Season. Here, we are going to go into depth (but not too much depth) about some of the reasons behind why you need to get your system cleaned after what can be a pretty trying time for your poor septic tank:

1. Houseguests

The septic tank cleaning cost is nothing when you consider the impact that extra houseguests have on your system. Extra numbers in the home creates far higher water usage as well as wastewater production. Unfortunately, this can overwhelm your system, leading to problems like backups, slow drains and even system failure.

2. Large food excess

Whether it’s the Sunday barbie with your best mates or Christmas dinner with the rellies – if your home is the host of the party then you might want to get your system cleaned once the season comes to an end.

This is because the excess food attributed to these great feasts can easily end up in the tank and contribute to clogs and cause system inefficiency.

3. Fats, oils & grease

Just as excess food can contribute to system blocking during the Christmas period, the same can occur with the fats, oils and grease used to cook these deliciously rich meals. Unfortunately, fats, oils and grease can be one of the absolute worst things for your system, cooling and solidifying until they cling to the contraption’s sides and pipes that enter and leave the system.

This buildup will eventually restrict the system’s flow and cause a massive clog – you simply do not want this to happen. Why? Because it means sewage might return back to your home or even enter your yard, causing a serious health hazard.

4. Garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is likely to get a good workout during this busy cooking period. However, they can cause serious problems for your system if they grind up solid waste that eventually blocks the pipes leading up to the mechanism.

Once again, this can cause sewage to be rejected from entering the system, forcing it to return back to the home or into your garden! Try to avoid grinding up hard bones or stringy vegetables, as the disposal has a hard time digesting them.

Also, keep a good stream of water running to help the disposal digest any of the food you are placing in it. There will likely be a bit of food if you are hosting an end-of-year party – do your best to ensure that it is being properly disposed of so as to ensure your system is not being overwhelmed.

So, as you can see, there are numerous reasons why the Silly Season can be spectacularly problematic for our septic tanks. Sure, it’s always wonderful to have your sister’s family up from Melbourne, but think about what it’s done to the mechanism!

If you sense it’s caused a bit of a ruckus then you should call in the pros to rectify the situation…


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