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A Selection of 10 Most Weirdest Graphic Designs

There is a whole lot that one can do with the graphics technology on a computer and stranger than that, there is still a whole lot more that people want to do or wanted to do and have now found a way through which they can give a vent to their desires in a weirdly creative way.

So here is to all the weird graphics that computer experts have made yet….

10.  A weird side of Animals

There are many artists out there who love to play around with animal pictures but not all of them do it with attention to detail. This weird mix of the ferocious alien from Alien with a one of the world’s most humblest animals has quite a lot of detailing gone into it.

A weird side of animals

9. Imaginative Fulfillment of Desire

Ok so check this out; this person either has a lot of confidence in his athletic abilities or a computer whiz displaying his own level of expertise. This is one of the perfect examples of displaying the extreme through computer graphic images.

Imaginative Fulfillment of Desire

8.  How it Could Be

The tables have certainly turned in this weird graphic. Perhaps the designer wants to use his imagination to put some thoughts into the victims of our daily indulgence. A high quality graphic that lets you into believing that anything is possible.

How it Could Be

7. As Bizarre As it Could Be

This weird graphic is a perfect example of how modern graphic designing could effectively be used to create some pretty bizarre images – images that could actually be really close to life, but are not, thank fully.

As Bizarre As it Could Be

6. Humans and Weird Graphics

Some of weirdest graphics are in the category of human faces. Graphics’ experts can do a lot with a face and/or its expression – sometimes they choose to do this to heighten the expression and sometimes for just plain weirdness.

Humans and Weird Graphics

5.  Funny Yet Weird

A weird graphic, that again plays with twisting the image of the human body. Among the various similar ones uploaded on the web, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

Funny Yet Weird

4. Poor Angelina…

Of course we all know it’s all about her pouting lips, but does it have to be this extreme? Looks like someone out there is really obsessed with the succulent lips of dear Miss Angelina.

Poor Angelina

3. The Targeted Celebrities

This photo is definitely an exaggerated form of the celebrities’ obsession with losing weight. Celebrities have more often than not become the subject of weird graphic designing. Perhaps there are always viewers out there who appreciate a few laughs gained out of weird caricatures of the world’s most renowned people.

The Targeted Celebrities

2. Weird Graphics or Art?

A nice effort indeed; many graphic designers have become quite famous in putting together art with graphic designing. This weird graphic can certainly generate a thousand words, but most of all its true impact lies in just looking at it.

Weird Graphics or Art

1.  Weird and Spooky

This strange graphic certainly takes the top spot in our selection of top ten weirdest graphics due to its idea and execution. It is not only weird, it is also spooky.

Weird and Spooky


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