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Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2015

The use of a great hardwood flooring surface can be ideal to have in your home because it instantly makes your home look really nice. Seeing as though hardwood floors can be a bit pricey, people have been looking into a home equity loan through BB&T to finance the project. Here are a few of the top hardwood flooring trends that you can try out in 2015.

Gray Hardwood Floor


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One of the top flooring trends of 2015 to see entails the use of a gray hardwood floor. Gray is a brilliant neutral color that is not too unusual or extreme and contains a well-finished style. It works with extremely light or dark surfaces in a space as well, giving you a brilliant style that is easy to highlight and design.

White Wash Floor


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A hardwood flooring provider can also offer a white wash option for your home. This option is ideal for homes that are trying to get great surface that are light and are not too extreme in terms of their designs or arrangements. White also does better with reflecting light, thus creating a more unique and enticing design when used the right way.

Wide Plank Floors


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The planks on a surface can be just as important when it comes to different flooring trends. Wider planks are often added to not only make the home improvement project easier to handle but to also create a more contemporary look to a room. These planks can be three to six inches in width, thus making them more noticeable while adding a little extra detail onto the surfaces around a room. This can create a fine look if used properly.

Distressed Hardwood


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Distressed hardwood is a choice among the top flooring trends of 2015 that can create a classic style to any room. This is a choice with a slightly fatigued appearance and is designed to make a spot look more interesting from a distabce. This has a reclaimed look that is salvaged from many outside sources in the best cases and can create a more unique style that can fit in well within a space to create a unique style.

Satin Finish


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The last of the top flooring trends that you can get from a roofing contractor is a floor with a satin finish. This is a choice that features a lower luster. This creates a dense look that is attractive and doesn’t scream out for attention by far too much. In addition, scratches and dirt are not as easy to spot on this particular surface option as what you might get elsewhere. This should give you a more attractive look to your floor if used properly and with enough care to make it fit.

You can use all of these options to create a fine style that is entertaining and useful for your demands. These are great options to try out in that they offer some attractive and unique tones that will fit in well within your home and create only the finest appearances that you could ever ask for when getting your space treated and ready to show off to others.



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