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Top 5 Reasons How Dell Storage SC4020 Can Help Your Business?

Data is important to any business today and for that, you need the best storage devices and equipment that can help you do more than just store the data. While there are many storage devices you have to focus on storage devices that offer you plenty of options and reasons to buy it. Dell Storage SC4020 has recently been awarded the title of the Most Valuable Product by ISMB and it is based on the enterprise-class storage solution to offer the best storage solution to small and medium-sized businesses.

However, here we take a quick look at the top 5 reasons how Dell Storage SC4020 can help your business.

Dell Storage SC4020

Less Investment

Investment remains the biggest concern for many small and medium-sized businesses and therefore it is recommended that you go for less investment storage solutions like Dell Storage SC4020. If you are not too keen on spending more money for your business at the moment you can be sure that you stay under the limited business budget that you have.

High Performance

To compete the business world you certainly need to access and real-time data that can allow you to turn your customer interactions into transactions. The storage device has the capability to put the high IOPs and low latency that is required by your business applications. It also comes with auto-tuned functions for maximum performance. It is also FLASH-optimized for all-flash and hybrid SSD/HDD deployments. It supports award-winning copilot support and it also supports Fiber Channel or iSCI SAN support.

World Class Intelligence

Since Dell Storage SC4020 is based on the enterprise-class storage solution SC8000 it is ideal for standalone SANs or departmental or branch office deployments. It is also designed to distribute large-scale growth so that you can handle the data accordingly in the future as and when you require more data to be stored. It also comes with fully virtualized array that increases overall flexibility. It also provides space-efficient snapshots, remote synchronous/asynchronous replication, Fast Track disk optimization. Comprehensive management tools that provide better usability.

Low Energy Costs

For many small and medium-size business owners, it is important that they focus on the energy cost as well when they buy storage solutions. This is important because storage solution features and energy costs go hand in hand. However, with Dell Storage SC4020 users can save more energy because it comes with automated and intelligent data placement architecture that offers better performance, reduces lifecycle hardware costs and also cuts the energy cost.

Enhanced Software

Using the right software is also important when you are buying data storage solutions and therefore you need Dell Storage Sc4020 that comes along with Storage Center OS 6.5 that simplifies networking management, improves security, and provides better availability. The system also offers very low Recover Point Objective and Real-Time Objective to ensure that your business continues normally at all times. It also comes with award-winning copilot support that is required by small and medium-size businesses.


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