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Top 10 Most Inspired Web Designs

It’s the world of digital media; whether you want to set up a business or promote it, the internet is the perfect medium to do that. More and more merchants emerge daily in the cyber space in the hope of doing better business and finding more customers.

In order to sell their product or at least make it attractive they need to have eye-catching web pages produced through the use of creative graphic designing. For a true graphic artist, the web designs are always inspired. Here, in no particular order we have put forth some of the best inspired web designs.

  1. Xhtmlcafe.net

And whose web design is going to be better than of the ones who design it for others. Check out the cool and user-friendly web design of Xhtmlcafe.net.

  1. Awesome.good.is

A truly inspired web design for an eco-friendly website. It is colorful as well as attractive and truly emanates the meaning of the word harmony that is achieved by bringing together different components of the earth.

  1. Lebloe.com

A wonderfully designed website which offers services of web designing. The colors and the amalgamation of designs are really inspirational and give an overall cool effect.

  1. Born Shoes

A simple yet beautifully designed web page. It is a clear example of “less is more.” With a neat web design coupled with background music, this web page is a pleasure to visit.

  1. Viventy.De

Something as delicate and exclusive as fine jewelry, this official website of a jewelry store is certainly inspired by the collection it holds. Not only is it truly inspired, it can also prove to be inspirational for others.

  1. Duirwaigh.com

A gallery of art and design collection has motivated the designing of this website. It is beautifully breathtaking and speaks a lot about the kind of collection it holds. This web design is a clear example that you don’t need many words to portray a lot, the perfect image can say it all.

  1. Sensisoft.com

An intelligent web design that looks inspired from the colonial era. The old times, graphically mixed with some modern imagery, designing and effects, transforms it into a contemporary work of art. You can witness it for yourself…

  1. Tedrosedale.com

Yet another beautiful example of artistic web designing. With the reality of our world being cruelly distorted, most artists take their inspiration from fantasy land. This cool and colorful web design has also been inspired from the mystical lands of fantasy.

  1. 365DaysofAstronomy.org

A web design about astronomy which is motivated by the beautiful dimensions of the outer space—if a web page design has the right inspiration then it fits perfectly for the website; and this is a perfect example.

  1. Pasti.pl

Inspired by the digital world; this modern looking web design says it all. The various elements of the modern era have all been brought together nicely. The colors and the geometric shapes used are all in accordance with this time.



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